The City of Freeport  

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Welcome to the Land of the Overlord!

Sir Lucan has returned, and by his might and will has transformed Freeport into a proud, magnificent city. Travelers from the allied cities of Gorowyn and Neriak are welcome here. We hope this guide will assist you during your visit.

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Should you be unsure who to speak with to begin or continue your archetype and main storyline quests in Freeport, Cleerie Germinas (core story) and Everett Splizen (archetype story), at -205, -56, 49 near the dock bell in East Freeport, can assist you.


To become a citizen of the Overlords glorious city of Freeport, Norrathian's from our aligned cities may speak to Ambassador Brutus at the Freeport Registrar ( -126, -37, 40 ) . All else, back to whence you came! (See: Betrayal and Citizenship)


Travel Bells and Globes

If you travel by World Bell you'll arrive in the city at -232, -56, 168 , on the docks behind the Freeport Block and Tackle, South Freeport. There are also World Bells at:

  • North Freeport at -189, -58, -228
  • East Freeport at -213, -56, 44
  • West Freeport at 222, -3, -45

There are Travel Within the City of Freeport Bells all over Freeport. This provides transportation within Freeport and it's outlying zones. Click here for details and locations.

The Escape point is at -312, -56, 98 near the Harbor Exchange. There are still revive points in all four geographic regions of the city.

Player Mounts

The Overlord has prohibited travel via flying, gliding and leaping creatures inside city limits. Players will find themselves grounded at all times.


Housing Relocation
Housing Relocation
There is a variety of housing available if you would like to relocate to the Overlord's glorious city! If you had friends or relatives residing in our suburbs you'll find they have been mercifully relocated to the The Jade Tiger's Den. Similarly, the Blood Haze Inn was demolished during reconstruction, and residents there moved to the Jade Tiger.

For other personal housing options, see our Freeport Housing Directory.


Guild services can be found at The Freeport Registrar at -122, -37, 46

Tier 1 Guild Hall - South Freeport at -25, -7, 198
Tier 2 Guild Hall - North Freeport near Citizen's Vista at -17, -19, -261
Tier 3 Guild Hall - A bell on the docks in The Commonlands


Even the mailboxes reflect the Overlord's pride in his city with improved appearances!
  • Near the Freeport Block and Tackle at -220, -56, 131 in South freeport
  • Outside The Jade Tiger's Den at -122, -24, -60 in North Freeport
  • Outside Seafarer's Roost at -221, -56, -12 in East Freeport
  • Outside The Coalition of Tradesfolke at 40, -18, 98 in East Freeport.


  • Agamennus in Freeport Block and Tackle ( -218, -56, 161 )
  • Profallia upstairs in the Coalition of Tradesfolke 42, -11, 88
  • Odyssneu in The Harbor Exchange in East Freeport at -243, -55, 77
  • Mallium near the Commonlands gate at 268, -4, -105 in West Freeport.


  • Barber Whiskerwuzzle in Dreadnaught's Plaza ( 206, -3, 103 ) .
  • Barber Razorburn in Dreadnaught's Plaza ( 204, -3, 109 ) .


All banking services are available at The Freeport Reserve in West Freeport at 208, -2, -122 .

  • The Coalition of Tradesfolke has a banker (Jules Jumsinger at 26, -18, 76 .
  • Salonia Siculus in The Harbor Exchange in East Freeport at -234, -55, 86 .
  • Soleficus Baro in the [[eq2 object:Freeport Block and Tackle at -214, -56, 159 .


  • Culdor in The Harbor Exchange in East Freeport at -266, -55, 91 .
  • Ironstar near the Commonlands gate in West Freeport at 276, -3, -102 .


Find the local Chronomages in The Harbor Exchange in East Freeport at -277, -56, 82 .

Mercenary Services

See: Mercenaries


Reforgers are often near Menders.

  • Trothak in Armor by Ikthar in North Freeport at -129, -38, -2
  • Jemilar in The Harbor Exchange in East Freeport at 259, -55, 89
  • Fonda near the Commonlands gate in West Freeport at 280, -3, -100


  • East Freeport: The Coalition of Tradesfolke at 25, 18, 92 has all crafting amenities, either in their buildings or their cellar workshop ( 15, -20,85 ) . The mailbox is just outside at 40, -18, 98
  • East Freeport: There's a force in The Harbor Exchange in East Freeport at -262, -55, 88
  • South Freeport: Freeport Block and Tackle has all crafting stations, merchants for all crafting classes, a broker, a work order clipboard, and a nearby mailbox.
  • North Freeport: Torlig's Herbs and Potions has Chemistry Tables and an Alchemist; the mail box is around the corner.
  • North Freeport: The Freeport Registrar has an Alchemist merchant.
  • North Freeport: Armor by Ikthar sells coal and sandpaper.
  • North Freeport: The Emporium sells filaments, candles, and sandpaper, and has a Chemistry table.
  • North Freeport: The Academy of Arcane Science has Chemistry Tables and Engraved Desks.

Guilds and Training

The major factions of Freeport still occupy the spaces they've had since we saved Freeport from the waters, except the Seafury Buccaneers and Brawler trainers.

  • Fighters: The Freeport Militia House at 147, -16, 128
  • Mages: The Academy of Arcane Science: North Freeport at -26, -8, -10
  • Priests: Temple of War: North Freeport at -71, -8, -116
  • Scouts: Seafury Buccaneer writ givers are now at Seafarer's Roost in East Freeport
  • Brawlers: These trainers can now be found in Dreadnaught's Plaza in West Freeport


There are still many areas of the city one can visit.

  • To Thieves' Way - click for more info, there are several entrances
  • The Battlegrounds Lobby entrance (Champion's Respite) is in Citizen's Vista at -47, -20, -258

  • Beggar's Court: Sweat-Stained Cobbles - North Freeport at -149, -51, -376
  • Big Bend: Sanctum of Spirits - South Freeport at 61, -12, 270
  • Longshadow Alley: Daeneth Cloister - North Freeport at -92, -35, -367
  • Scale Yard: Traitors' End - South Freeport at -65, -25, 286
  • Stonestair Byway: The Animus Corridors - North Freeport at -7, -18, -327
  • Temple Street: Vault of Necromechanica - South Freeport at -176, -37, 325

  • Tier 1 Guild Hall - South Freeport at -25, -7, 198
  • Tier 2 Guild Hall - North Freeport at -17, -19, -261


The city stirs under a newly revitalized sky. The clouds that once choked the horizon have parted, revealing a powerful presence, now returned. The tall, jagged towers and looming citadels, at once breathtaking and ominous, are lit up by massive, fiery braziers. The Overlord has returned and Freeport is reborn.

I too have returned to the city. I return to reclaim my rightful home. My family has lived here for generations. When violence erupted, we were forced to seek shelter elsewhere, sundered from our homes and scattered across Norrath, waiting for the Overlord's return.

When he disappeared, other major powers in the city sought to overtake Freeport and claim it for themselves. Their faith in the Overlord was weak. The Freeport Militia, Seafury Buccaneers, Dismal Rage, and even the scholars in the Arcane Academy vied for control. None could trust each other and raids on our homes happened nightly in the resulting struggle. Chaos became the only order. The city fell to pieces without the Overlord.

We knew he had returned when the clouds dramatically cleared over the city, as if by force of his will. Even those of us that were not there could feel it, deep within. Upon his return, the Overlord took a foothold in the city like we've never seen. At once he called his loyal followers back to the hearths of Freeport. Within days, he contracted hundreds of skilled artisans to rebuild the ruins of his mighty citadel. He resurrected the structures and breathed new life into the very fabric of Freeport. The majesty that arose in the wake of his gaze was unlike anything we had ever seen. The rubble and grime were gone - taking their place were gilded streets and towers, giant statues of the Overlord and even tapestries with his insignia. The city was new again.

The Overlord then walked among us, delivering his charismatic oratories. No one could turn away from him. How could they? He had come face to face with the God Slayer and lived! He talked of alliances amongst ourselves - of banding together to fight the true evils in the world. He spoke of the infiltrators from Qeynos, who had surely started much of the infighting in his absence. He reminded us of our strength, our pride and our cunning. Under his renewed leadership, we would overtake our rightful lands.

This is a city to behold. This is a city that everyone should want to be a part of. This is a city that commands respect and elicits fear from its enemies. This is Freeport - and it is Lucan's! [1]


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Game Update #62
December 6, 2011

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