Monk (EQ2 Subclass)  

Archetype: Fighter
Class: Brawler
Sarnak, Ogre, Troll, Barbarian, Iksar, Froglok, Dwarf, Human, Kerra, Half Elf
Alignment: Neutral
Combat Arts Armor Weapons Shields
Epic Weapon Quest Series

From the Everquest 2 player manual: Those who desire to engage in graceful, hand-to-hand martial combat will find the Monk profession to be an exciting path. The Monk is a spiritual combatant who practices philosophies of mind-over-body. The Monk is best served on the frontlines where her advanced physical skills are most effective against her foe.

Primary Stats

  • Strength (primary) - Increases your damage and maximum power.
  • Stamina - Increases your maximum health.

Class Armor

For more class-appropriate armor sets, see Monk Item Sets

Class Hat

Epic Weapon

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