Conjuror (EQ2 Subclass)  

Archetype: Mage
Class: Summoner
Arasai, Dark Elf, Gnome, Ratonga, Iksar, High Elf, Erudite, Human, Kerra, Half Elf
Alignment: Good
Spells Armor Weapons Shields
Epic Weapon Quest Series

The Conjuror suits those who wish to summon powerful minions to perform their bidding in combat. The Conjuror's minion can be a creature native to Norrath or a manifestation of an elemental force. The Conjuror works best behind the frontlines of combat, directing his minion and wielding arcane elemental spells. These spells can strike down opponents or weaken their abilities.

Primary Stats

  • Intelligence (primary) - Increases your damage and maximum power.
  • Stamina - Increases your maximum health.

Class Set Armor

For more class-appropriate armor sets, see: Conjuror Item Sets

Class Hat

Epic Weapon

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