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Burning Gloves 0Bauble 
Potion of Homesickness 0Bauble 
Petamorph Wand: Stitched Drachnid 0Bauble 
Slightly Used Pie 0Bauble 
Home Sweet Home 0Bauble 
Walking Dead 0Bauble 
Reet's Revenge 0Bauble 
Vision of Fury 0Bauble 
Frozen Fingers 0Bauble 
Curse of Quel'ule 0Bauble 
Ancient Bloodletter 0Bauble 
Personal Theme Music: Enchanted Lands 0Bauble 
Badge of the Kromise 0Bauble 
Eerie Cloud 0Bauble 
Wolves Howl 0Bauble 
Blessing of Light 0Bauble 
Tailor's Trainer 0Bauble 
Personal Theme Music: Hymn of Creation 0Bauble 
Small Minds 0Bauble 
Marble Defender 0Bauble 
Glamor of the Renda'Dal 0Bauble 
Bot Made Iced Cream Cart 0Bauble 
Touch of Bertoxxulous 0Bauble 
Bottled Breath 0Bauble 
Mistress of Nizara 0Bauble 
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