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Level 1
iconPainbringer (Adept)0
iconInsidious Whisper (Master)0
iconCloud of Bats0
Level 2
iconMalice (Expert)0
Level 3
iconInnoruuk's Caress (Apprentice)0
Level 4
iconLucan's Pact (Adept)0
iconDark Blade (Adept)0
Level 5
iconSoulrend (Journeyman)0
Level 6
iconPainbringer II (Journeyman)0
Level 7
iconDeath Cloud (Expert)0
Level 8
iconBlasphemy (Apprentice)0
Level 9
iconInsidious Whisper II (Apprentice)0
iconUnholy Hunger (Apprentice)0
iconOffensive Presence0
Level 10
iconGrim Harbinger (Journeyman)0
Level 11
iconSiphon Strike (Journeyman)0
Level 12
iconUnholy Blessing (Adept)0
iconInnoruuk's Caress II (Master)0
iconInfernal Blessing0
Level 13
iconHateful Slam (Master)0
iconMalice II (Apprentice)0
Level 14
iconUnending Agony (Apprentice)0
iconCruel Aura0
Level 15
iconCleave Flesh (Apprentice)0
Level 16
iconDark Blade II (Apprentice)0
iconLucan's Pact II (Apprentice)0
Level 17
iconInsidious Whisper III (Master)0
Level 18
iconUnholy Strength (Expert)0
Level 19
iconSoulrend II (Apprentice)0
Level 20
iconHarm Touch (Apprentice)0
iconUnholy Steed0
Level 21
iconDeath Cloud II (Apprentice)0
iconDevious Evasion (Adept)0
iconMortal Embrace (Expert)0
Level 22
iconBlasphemy II (Journeyman)0
iconShadow Coil (Journeyman)0
iconGrim Coil0
iconDecree of Decay0
Level 23
iconUnholy Hunger II (Journeyman)0
Level 24
iconGrim Harbinger II (Journeyman)0
iconInnoruuk's Caress III (Apprentice)0
Level 25
iconSiphon Strike II (Apprentice)0
Level 26
iconUnholy Blessing II (Apprentice)0
iconGrave Sacrament (Journeyman)0
Level 27
iconHateful Slam II (Apprentice)0
iconMalice III (Expert)0
Level 28
iconDevour Vitae (Journeyman)0
iconUnending Agony II (Master)0
Level 29
iconCleave Flesh II (Journeyman)0
iconPainbringer III (Adept)0
Level 30
iconLucan's Pact III (Master)0
iconSiphon Strength (Adept)0
Level 31
iconInsidious Whisper IV (Expert)0
iconDisease Cloud0
Level 32
iconDevious Evasion II (Apprentice)0
iconDark Blade III (Expert)0
iconEvasive Maneuvers0
Level 33
iconSoulrend III (Adept)0
iconUnholy Strength II (Apprentice)0
iconContract of Shadows0
Level 34
iconHarm Touch II (Adept)0
iconMalefic Touch0
Level 35
iconMortal Embrace II (Apprentice)0
iconDeath Cloud III (Master)0
Level 36
iconBlasphemy III (Expert)0
iconShadow Coil II (Apprentice)0
Level 37
iconUnholy Hunger III (Apprentice)0
Level 38
iconGrim Harbinger III (Adept)0
iconInnoruuk's Caress IV (Apprentice)0
Level 39
iconSiphon Strike III (Expert)0
Level 40
iconGrave Sacrament II (Expert)0
iconUnholy Blessing III (Apprentice)0
iconDreadful Wrath (Apprentice)0
iconSummon Squire0
Level 41
iconHateful Slam III (Adept)0
iconMalice IV (Adept)0
Level 42
iconUnending Agony III (Apprentice)0
iconDevour Vitae II (Apprentice)0
Level 43
iconPainbringer IV (Apprentice)0
iconCleave Flesh III (Apprentice)0
iconUnending Pain0
Level 44
iconLucan's Pact IV (Apprentice)0
iconSiphon Strength II (Master)0
Level 45
iconInsidious Whisper V (Expert)0
Level 46
iconDevious Evasion III (Master)0
iconDark Blade IV (Apprentice)0
Level 47
iconSoulrend IV (Apprentice)0
iconUnholy Strength III (Apprentice)0
Level 48
iconHarm Touch III (Adept)0
Level 49
iconDeath Cloud IV (Expert)0
iconMortal Embrace III (Master)0
Level 50
iconShadow Coil III (Journeyman)0
iconDevouring Mist (Journeyman)0
iconBlasphemy IV (Journeyman)0
iconHand of Lucan0
iconSummon Sacrament0
iconWicked Coil0
Level 51
iconUnholy Hunger IV (Apprentice)0
Level 52
iconGrim Harbinger IV (Apprentice)0
iconInnoruuk's Caress V (Adept)0
iconMana Sieve (Apprentice)0
Level 53
iconSiphon Strike IV (Apprentice)0
Level 54
iconDreadful Wrath II (Apprentice)0
iconUnholy Blessing IV (Adept)0
iconGrave Sacrament III (Adept)0
Level 55
iconHateful Slam IV (Journeyman)0
iconMalice V (Master)0
iconTap Veins (Apprentice)0
Level 56
iconUnending Agony IV (Apprentice)0
iconDevour Vitae III (Journeyman)0
Level 57
iconCleave Flesh IV (Apprentice)0
iconPainbringer V (Master)0
Level 58
iconSiphon Strength III (Apprentice)0
iconDeath March (Adept)0
iconLucan's Pact V (Apprentice)0
Level 59
iconInsidious Whisper VI (Journeyman)0
Level 60
iconDark Blade V (Apprentice)0
iconDevious Evasion IV (Journeyman)0
Level 61
iconUnholy Strength IV (Master)0
iconSoulrend V (Master)0
Level 62
iconHarm Touch IV (Expert)0
iconPestilent Touch0
Level 63
iconDeath Cloud V (Adept)0
iconMortal Embrace IV (Apprentice)0
iconDeath Circle0
Level 64
iconShadow Coil IV (Expert)0
iconBlasphemy V (Adept)0
iconPutrid Coil0
Level 65
iconPestilence (Journeyman)0
iconUnholy Hunger V (Apprentice)0
Level 66
iconGrim Harbinger V (Apprentice)0
iconInnoruuk's Caress VI (Adept)0
Level 67
iconSiphon Strike V (Journeyman)0
Level 68
iconUnholy Blessing V (Master)0
iconDreadful Wrath III (Apprentice)0
iconGrave Sacrament IV (Master)0
Level 69
iconMalice VI (Apprentice)0
iconHateful Slam V (Apprentice)0
Level 70
iconDevouring Mist II (Apprentice)0
iconUnending Agony V (Expert)0
iconDevour Vitae IV (Adept)0
Level 71
iconPainbringer VI (Apprentice)0
iconCleave Flesh V (Journeyman)0
iconPariah's Strike0
Level 72
iconLucan's Pact VI (Journeyman)0
iconMana Sieve II (Expert)0
iconInsidious Whisper VII (Apprentice)0
iconSiphon Strength IV (Apprentice)0
Level 73
iconUnholy Strength V (Adept)0
iconDark Blade VI (Apprentice)0
Level 74
iconHarm Touch V (Apprentice)0
iconTap Veins II (Expert)0
iconSoulrend VI (Apprentice)0
iconTap Arteries0
Level 75
iconDeath Cloud VI (Apprentice)0
iconCrimson Circle0
Level 76
iconShadow Coil V (Adept)0
iconUnholy Hunger VI (Apprentice)0
iconBlasphemy VI (Master)0
Level 77
iconGrim Harbinger VI (Master)0
iconInnoruuk's Caress VII (Apprentice)0
iconSiphon Strike VI (Journeyman)0
Level 78
iconDreadful Wrath IV (Expert)0
iconGrave Sacrament V (Apprentice)0
iconPestilence II (Adept)0
Level 79
iconMalice VII (Apprentice)0
iconHateful Slam VI (Apprentice)0
iconUnholy Blessing VI (Journeyman)0
Level 80
iconBloodletter (Journeyman)0
iconUnending Agony VI (Journeyman)0
iconDevouring Mist III (Expert)0
iconDevour Vitae V (Adept)0
iconTouch of Death0
iconSeething Hatred0
Level 81
iconPainbringer VII (Master)0
iconCleave Flesh VI (Expert)0
Level 82
iconInsidious Whisper VIII (Master)0
iconSiphon Strength V (Adept)0
iconMana Sieve III (Expert)0
iconLucan's Pact VII (Master)0
Level 83
iconDark Blade VII (Adept)0
Level 84
iconTap Veins III (Journeyman)0
iconUnholy Strength VI (Adept)0
iconSoulrend VII (Adept)0
iconHarm Touch VI (Journeyman)0
Level 85
iconBlessing of Xegony0
iconDeath Cloud VII (Expert)0
Level 86
iconShadow Coil VI (Expert)0
iconBlasphemy VII (Journeyman)0
iconUnholy Hunger VII (Adept)0
Level 87
iconSiphon Strike VII (Master)0
iconGrim Harbinger VII (Expert)0
iconInnoruuk's Caress VIII (Adept)0
Level 88
iconDreadful Wrath V (Expert)0
iconGrave Sacrament VI (Expert)0
iconPestilence III (Master)0
Level 89
iconHateful Slam VII (Adept)0
iconMalice VIII (Journeyman)0
iconUnholy Blessing VII (Adept)0
Level 90
iconDevour Vitae VI (Adept)0
iconUnending Agony VII (Adept)0
iconDevouring Mist IV (Master)0