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Grey Gloves of the Far Seas Traders 60ArmorPurchased
Exalted Handguards of Vision 61Armor 
Ethereal Mist Gauntlets 80ArmorDropped
Crude Tailored Rough Linen Mitts 40Armor 
Nax's Gloves of Good Health 72Armor 
Luminous Agile Stitching 40Adornment 
Gauntlets of the Vigilant 80ArmorPurchased
McCabe's Double-Dealing Hands 69ArmorDropped
fulginate brigandine handguards 40ArmorPurchased
Singed Forge Gloves 90ArmorDropped
Jiggler Gloves 42ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Traveler's Gauntlets of Grace 1Armor 
Hierophant's Ivy Etched Leather Gloves 88ArmorQuest Reward, Quest Item
Vallon miner gloves 30Armor 
Focus: Focus Aim IV 90AdornmentPurchased
Tormenting Gauntlets 80ArmorPurchased
cordovan gloves 10ArmorDropped
Focus: Destructive Rage VI and Potency (PvP) 90Adornment 
Construct Engineer's Mitts 79ArmorDropped
Illusory Gloves 80ArmorPurchased
Fleshwound Platemail Gauntlets 0Armor 
Prodigy's Marked Gloves of the Runemaster 30Armor 
Grandmaster's Handguards of Concentration 80Armor 
Overking's Gauntlets of the Deep 66Armor 
steel vanguard gauntlets 22Armor 
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