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mistmoore vanguard chest -2Armor 
mistmoore brigandine chest -2Armor 
kaladim vanguard chest -2Armor 
faydark robe chest -2Armor 
mistmoore chain chest -2Armor 
kaladim chain chest -2Armor 
mistmoore leather chest -2Armor 
mistmoore heavy cloth chest -2Armor 
kaladim brusier gi chest -2Armor 
mistmoore plate chest -2Armor 
mistmoore robe chest -2Armor 
mistmoore woven chest -2Armor 
faydark plate chest -2Armor 
Tailored Rawhide Boots 0Armor 
magician's cuffs 0ArmorCrafted
Tailored Tanned Skull Cap 0Armor 
Tailored Strengthened Gloves 0ArmorCrafted
Tailored Tanned Bracers 0Armor 
Tailored Waxed Shoulder Pads 0Armor 
tailored tanned pants 0Armor 
shaped tailored tanned boots 0ArmorQuest Item
Natural Skin Armor for PCs 0Armor 
sackcloth shawl 0ArmorDropped
Tailored Strengthened Tunic 0ArmorCrafted
champion's barbute 0ArmorCrafted
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