Assassin (EQ2 Subclass)  

Archetype: Scout
Class: Predator
Arasai, Fae, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, Gnome, Ratonga, Halfling, Human, Kerra, Half Elf
Alignment: Neutral
Combat Arts Armor Weapons Shields
Epic Weapon Quest Series

The Assassin profession is ideal for those who wish to master sinister strikes and hidden attacks. The Assassin serves his party best in the frontlines of combat. He surveys the battle for potential prey and attacks of opportunity, striking from the shadows to inflict massive damage.

Primary Stats

  • Agility (primary) - Increases your damage and maximum power.
  • Stamina - Increases your maximum health.

Class Armor

For more class-appropriate armor sets, see: Assassin Item Sets

Class Hat

Epic Weapon

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