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Level 1
iconUltraviolet Beam (Apprentice)0
iconEntrance (Adept)0
iconIllusion: Drachnid0
iconIllusion: Fishman0
iconIllusion: Burynai0
iconCloud of Bats0
iconIllusion: Spiroc0
Level 2
iconParanoia (Apprentice)0
iconPersonae Reflection (Journeyman)0
Level 3
iconBrainburst (Apprentice)0
Level 5
iconLockdown (Apprentice)0
Level 7
iconAspect of Genius (Adept)0
iconUltraviolet Beam II (Adept)0
Level 8
iconChromatic Storm (Expert)0
Level 10
iconBrainburst II (Journeyman)0
iconPersonae Reflection II (Adept)0
Level 11
iconAneurysm (Apprentice)0
Level 12
iconEntrance II (Adept)0
iconPhantasmal Jolt0
iconUltraviolet Beam III (Adept)0
iconRune of Thought (Expert)0
Level 13
iconExtract Mana (Expert)0
iconParanoia II (Apprentice)0
Level 14
iconNightmare (Expert)0
Level 16
iconBewilderment (Journeyman)0
iconSpeechless (Expert)0
Level 17
iconBrainburst III (Master)0
Level 18
iconEpiphany (Journeyman)0
Level 19
iconLockdown II (Master)0
Level 20
iconIllusion: Human0
iconPersonae Reflection III (Apprentice)0
iconUltraviolet Beam IV (Apprentice)0
iconRapidity (Journeyman)0
iconDismay (Apprentice)0
iconIllusion: Half Elf0
Level 21
iconAspect of Genius II (Apprentice)0
iconBlessing of the Prism0
Level 22
iconChromatic Storm II (Expert)0
Level 23
iconPhantasmal Awe (Apprentice)0
Level 24
iconEntrance III (Journeyman)0
Level 25
iconAneurysm II (Apprentice)0
iconFlash of Brilliance (Apprentice)0
Level 26
iconRune of Thought II (Adept)0
Level 27
iconParanoia III (Journeyman)0
iconExtract Mana II (Journeyman)0
Level 28
iconPrismatic Chaos (Expert)0
iconNightmare II (Journeyman)0
Level 29
iconUltraviolet Beam V (Adept)0
Level 30
iconSpeechless II (Master)0
iconGroup Illusion: Human0
iconBewilderment II (Master)0
Level 31
iconBrainburst IV (Master)0
iconTormenting Visions0
Level 32
iconTheorems (Master)0
Level 33
iconLockdown III (Journeyman)0
iconPersonae Reflection IV (Expert)0
iconEpiphany II (Apprentice)0
iconChromatic Storm III (Apprentice)0
iconScintillating Aura0
Level 34
iconRapidity II (Apprentice)0
iconManatap (Journeyman)0
Level 35
iconAspect of Genius III (Master)0
iconDismay II (Apprentice)0
iconSynergism (Apprentice)0
iconIllusion: Barbarian0
iconIllusion: Dwarf0
Level 37
iconPhantasmal Awe II (Apprentice)0
Level 38
iconEntrance IV (Apprentice)0
Level 39
iconFlash of Brilliance II (Adept)0
iconAneurysm III (Apprentice)0
Level 40
iconGroup Illusion: Half Elf0
iconRune of Thought III (Apprentice)0
iconRegalia (Apprentice)0
iconSeal of Comprehension0
Level 41
iconParanoia IV (Journeyman)0
iconExtract Mana III (Master)0
Level 42
iconPrismatic Chaos II (Master)0
iconNightmare III (Adept)0
iconPrismatic Strife0
Level 43
iconUltraviolet Beam VI (Master)0
iconScorching Beam0
Level 44
iconSpeechless III (Master)0
iconStunning Array0
iconBewilderment III (Adept)0
Level 45
iconBrainburst V (Apprentice)0
iconIllusion: Gnoll0
Level 46
iconTheorems II (Apprentice)0
Level 47
iconLockdown IV (Master)0
iconPersonae Reflection V (Apprentice)0
iconEpiphany III (Expert)0
Level 48
iconManatap II (Apprentice)0
iconRapidity III (Master)0
Level 49
iconSynergism II (Apprentice)0
iconAspect of Genius IV (Expert)0
Level 50
iconChromatic Storm IV (Apprentice)0
iconDismay III (Apprentice)0
iconChromatic Shower (Journeyman)0
iconGroup Illusion: Gnoll0
Level 51
iconPhantasmal Awe III (Adept)0
iconPhantasmal Brilliance0
Level 52
iconSavante (Apprentice)0
iconEntrance V (Apprentice)0
iconAbduct Mind0
Level 53
iconAneurysm IV (Master)0
iconFlash of Brilliance III (Master)0
Level 54
iconRegalia II (Expert)0
iconRune of Thought IV (Apprentice)0
iconSeal of Ingenuity0
Level 55
iconExtract Mana IV (Master)0
iconParanoia V (Apprentice)0
iconIllusory Allies (Expert)0
Level 56
iconPrismatic Chaos III (Master)0
iconNightmare IV (Apprentice)0
Level 57
iconUltraviolet Beam VII (Apprentice)0
Level 58
iconBewilderment IV (Journeyman)0
iconSpellshield (Adept)0
iconSpeechless IV (Apprentice)0
Level 59
iconBrainburst VI (Apprentice)0
Level 60
iconTheorems III (Adept)0
iconConstruct of Reason0
Level 61
iconPersonae Reflection VI (Master)0
iconEpiphany IV (Adept)0
iconLockdown V (Expert)0
Level 62
iconRapidity IV (Journeyman)0
iconManatap III (Journeyman)0
Level 63
iconSynergism III (Apprentice)0
iconAspect of Genius V (Apprentice)0
Level 64
iconChromatic Storm V (Adept)0
iconUltraviolet Storm0
iconDismay IV (Expert)0
Level 65
iconPhase (Apprentice)0
iconPhantasmal Awe IV (Apprentice)0
Level 66
iconEntrance VI (Adept)0
Level 67
iconAneurysm V (Apprentice)0
iconFlash of Brilliance IV (Adept)0
Level 68
iconRegalia III (Master)0
iconRune of Thought V (Expert)0
Level 69
iconParanoia VI (Master)0
iconExtract Mana V (Apprentice)0
Level 70
iconNightmare V (Master)0
iconChromatic Shower II (Master)0
iconPrismatic Chaos IV (Apprentice)0
Level 71
iconUltraviolet Beam VIII (Apprentice)0
iconBewilderment V (Apprentice)0
Level 72
iconBrainburst VII (Expert)0
iconSpeechless V (Expert)0
Level 73
iconTheorems IV (Apprentice)0
iconEpiphany V (Master)0
iconLockdown VI (Master)0
iconConstruct of Rationality0
Level 74
iconManatap IV (Apprentice)0
iconIllusory Allies II (Apprentice)0
iconPersonae Reflection VII (Master)0
Level 75
iconAspect of Genius VI (Expert)0
iconSynergism IV (Master)0
Level 76
iconDismay V (Master)0
iconChromatic Storm VI (Journeyman)0
Level 77
iconEntrance VII (Adept)0
iconPhantasmal Awe V (Journeyman)0
Level 78
iconFlash of Brilliance V (Journeyman)0
iconRegalia IV (Apprentice)0
iconAneurysm VI (Master)0
Level 79
iconParanoia VII (Expert)0
iconExtract Mana VI (Apprentice)0
iconRune of Thought VI (Adept)0
Level 80
iconDoppelganger (Master)0
iconPrismatic Chaos V (Expert)0
iconChromatic Shower III (Master)0
iconMirage Mastery0
iconNightmare VI (Expert)0
Level 81
iconUltraviolet Beam IX (Expert)0
iconBewilderment VI (Journeyman)0
Level 82
iconSpeechless VI (Adept)0
iconBrainburst VIII (Expert)0
Level 83
iconTheorems V (Master)0
iconLockdown VII (Master)0
iconEpiphany VI (Master)0
Level 84
iconManatap V (Journeyman)0
iconPersonae Reflection VIII (Adept)0
iconIllusory Allies III (Journeyman)0
Level 85
iconBlessing of Xegony0
iconSynergism V (Master)0
iconAspect of Genius VII (Master)0
Level 86
iconDismay VI (Expert)0
iconChromatic Storm VII (Journeyman)0
Level 87
iconEntrance VIII (Adept)0
iconPhantasmal Awe VI (Adept)0
Level 88
iconRegalia V (Adept)0
iconFlash of Brilliance VI (Expert)0
iconAneurysm VII (Journeyman)0
Level 89
iconExtract Mana VII (Adept)0
iconParanoia VIII (Master)0
iconRune of Thought VII (Master)0
Level 90
iconChromatic Shower IV (Expert)0
iconPrismatic Chaos VI (Expert)0
iconNightmare VII (Adept)0
iconDoppelganger II (Journeyman)0