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Name Level Category Scales Repeatable
Scout The Mystic Lake 45 No No
A Gigglegibber's Work Is Never Done (by A Gigglegibber). (Freeport) 35 World Event No 10 times
Emissary's Courier 77 Jarsath Wastes No No
Ulteran Spires Reward 70 Hallmark Yes No
Necessary Preparations 90 Tradeskill No No
Ro's Infernal Device 35 Deity No No
Assessing The Threat 38 Nektulos Forest No No
Silencing The Shriekers 24 Butcherblock Mountains No No
Cleansing The Filth 20 Stormhold No 4 times
Scramble The Scent 74 Kunzar Jungle No No
Kuranam Of The Seven Foals 23 Thundering Steppes No No
The Mysteries Of Nektulos - The Behemoth Pond 21 Nektulos Forest No No
Hunting Commonlands Henchmen 55 Commonlands No No
The Key Of Coins 52 Clefts of Rujark No No
Find Stronger Help 77 Kunzar Jungle No No
The Legend Of Motte 19 Antonica No No
Reclaiming Their Honor 11 Frostfang Sea No No
Undoing The Damage 79 The Moors of Ykesha No No
Report To Tzuien 87 The Stonebrunt Highlands No No
Construction Materials - Tier Four, Roots 39 World Event No Infinite
Flocking To The Site 65 World Event No Infinite
Gorowyn: Mountain Howlers 45 City Tasks No Infinite
A Sturdy Fulginate Knife 100 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
Harts Full Of Trust 100 World Event Yes No
A Sturdy Etched Apron 100 Tradeskill Yes Infinite
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