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Level 1
iconCloud of Bats0
iconLightning Strike (Master)0
Level 2
iconRear Shot (Adept)0
iconEmberstrike (Journeyman)0
Level 3
iconSearing Shot (Master)0
Level 5
iconSneak Attack (Apprentice)0
Level 7
iconEnsnare (Apprentice)0
Level 8
iconLightning Strike II (Adept)0
iconSnipe (Expert)0
Level 9
iconEmberstrike II (Adept)0
Level 10
iconRanger's Blade (Master)0
iconShadow Leap0
Level 11
iconHunter's Instinct (Adept)0
iconPrimal Reflexes (Expert)0
Level 12
iconBloody Reminder (Master)0
iconBleeding Cut0
Level 13
iconImmobilizing Lunge (Journeyman)0
Level 15
iconLightning Strike III (Expert)0
iconRear Shot II (Adept)0
Level 16
iconSearing Shot II (Master)0
Level 17
iconArcher's Fury (Journeyman)0
Level 18
iconSurvival Instincts (Journeyman)0
Level 19
iconSneak Attack II (Journeyman)0
iconNatural Selection (Expert)0
Level 20
iconCrippling Arrow (Apprentice)0
iconMakeshift Arrows (Apprentice)0
iconPhyn's Hunting Hawk0
iconWounding Arrow0
Level 21
iconEmberstrike III (Expert)0
Level 22
iconFocus Aim (Journeyman)0
iconSnipe II (Apprentice)0
Level 23
iconEnsnare II (Adept)0
Level 24
iconRanger's Blade II (Journeyman)0
iconTrick Shot (Apprentice)0
iconShadow Lunge0
Level 25
iconPrimal Reflexes II (Apprentice)0
Level 26
iconHidden Shot (Master)0
iconBloody Reminder II (Journeyman)0
Level 27
iconImmobilizing Lunge II (Apprentice)0
iconHunter's Instinct II (Master)0
Level 28
iconTriple Shot (Apprentice)0
Level 29
iconLightning Strike IV (Apprentice)0
iconRear Shot III (Journeyman)0
Level 30
iconSearing Shot III (Apprentice)0
iconArrow Rip (Adept)0
Level 31
iconArcher's Fury II (Apprentice)0
Level 32
iconMiracle Shot (Expert)0
iconSurvival Instincts II (Journeyman)0
Level 33
iconSneak Attack III (Journeyman)0
iconNatural Selection II (Expert)0
iconPouncing Attack0
Level 34
iconCrippling Arrow II (Apprentice)0
iconMakeshift Arrows II (Master)0
iconSalvaged Arrows0
Level 35
iconEmberstrike IV (Expert)0
Level 36
iconFocus Aim II (Journeyman)0
iconSnipe III (Journeyman)0
Level 37
iconEnsnare III (Journeyman)0
Level 38
iconRanger's Blade III (Apprentice)0
iconTrick Shot II (Expert)0
Level 39
iconPrimal Reflexes III (Apprentice)0
Level 40
iconBloody Reminder III (Apprentice)0
iconKilling Instinct (Adept)0
iconHidden Shot II (Expert)0
iconJeth's Cuddly Companion0
iconHidden Fire0
Level 41
iconHunter's Instinct III (Apprentice)0
iconImmobilizing Lunge III (Journeyman)0
Level 42
iconTriple Shot II (Expert)0
iconTriple Fire0
Level 43
iconRear Shot IV (Adept)0
iconLightning Strike V (Journeyman)0
iconBlazing Thrust0
Level 44
iconSnaring Shot (Master)0
iconArrow Rip II (Master)0
iconSearing Shot IV (Adept)0
iconLeg Shot0
Level 45
iconArcher's Fury III (Expert)0
Level 46
iconMiracle Shot II (Expert)0
iconSurvival Instincts III (Adept)0
Level 47
iconSneak Attack IV (Expert)0
iconNatural Selection III (Apprentice)0
Level 48
iconMakeshift Arrows III (Master)0
iconCrippling Arrow III (Apprentice)0
iconBackup Quiver0
Level 49
iconEmberstrike V (Apprentice)0
Level 50
iconSnipe IV (Expert)0
iconFocus Aim III (Journeyman)0
iconStorm of Arrows (Journeyman)0
iconRhyn's Feline Hunter0
Level 51
iconEnsnare IV (Apprentice)0
Level 52
iconTrick Shot III (Journeyman)0
iconThorny Trap (Apprentice)0
iconRanger's Blade IV (Apprentice)0
iconDire Blade0
Level 53
iconPrimal Reflexes IV (Apprentice)0
Level 54
iconHidden Shot III (Apprentice)0
iconBloody Reminder IV (Apprentice)0
iconKilling Instinct II (Expert)0
iconStealthy Fire0
iconFatal Reminder0
Level 55
iconImmobilizing Lunge IV (Journeyman)0
iconHunter's Instinct IV (Apprentice)0
iconStream of Arrows (Journeyman)0
Level 56
iconTriple Shot III (Master)0
Level 57
iconLightning Strike VI (Adept)0
iconRear Shot V (Adept)0
Level 58
iconSniper Shot (Apprentice)0
iconSnaring Shot II (Adept)0
iconArrow Rip III (Apprentice)0
iconSearing Shot V (Apprentice)0
Level 59
iconArcher's Fury IV (Expert)0
Level 60
iconSurvival Instincts IV (Apprentice)0
iconMiracle Shot III (Master)0
Level 61
iconNatural Selection IV (Adept)0
iconSneak Attack V (Apprentice)0
Level 62
iconCrippling Arrow IV (Journeyman)0
iconMakeshift Arrows IV (Master)0
iconDevitalizing Arrow0
Level 63
iconEmberstrike VI (Apprentice)0
Level 64
iconSnipe V (Master)0
iconFocus Aim IV (Master)0
Level 65
iconHawk Attack (Apprentice)0
iconEnsnare V (Expert)0
Level 66
iconTrick Shot IV (Apprentice)0
iconRanger's Blade V (Apprentice)0
Level 67
iconKilling Instinct III (Master)0
Level 68
iconBloody Reminder V (Master)0
iconHidden Shot IV (Apprentice)0
Level 69
iconImmobilizing Lunge V (Journeyman)0
iconHunter's Instinct V (Expert)0
Level 70
iconTriple Shot IV (Apprentice)0
iconStorm of Arrows II (Apprentice)0
Level 71
iconRear Shot VI (Master)0
iconLightning Strike VII (Journeyman)0
iconSearing Shot VI (Expert)0
Level 72
iconSnaring Shot III (Master)0
iconArcher's Fury V (Expert)0
iconThorny Trap II (Master)0
iconArrow Rip IV (Apprentice)0
iconArrow Tear0
Level 73
iconNatural Selection V (Master)0
iconSurvival Instincts V (Expert)0
iconMiracle Shot IV (Apprentice)0
Level 74
iconSneak Attack VI (Apprentice)0
iconCrippling Arrow V (Master)0
iconStream of Arrows II (Apprentice)0
iconMakeshift Arrows V (Journeyman)0
iconVulnerable Arrow0
Level 75
iconEmberstrike VII (Expert)0
iconSnipe VI (Expert)0
Level 76
iconSniper Shot II (Expert)0
iconEnsnare VI (Apprentice)0
Level 77
iconRanger's Blade VI (Adept)0
iconTrick Shot V (Journeyman)0
Level 78
iconHawk Attack II (Master)0
iconBloody Reminder VI (Apprentice)0
iconHidden Shot V (Journeyman)0
Level 79
iconHunter's Instinct VI (Master)0
iconImmobilizing Lunge VI (Apprentice)0
Level 80
iconCoverage (Apprentice)0
iconTriple Shot V (Expert)0
iconStorm of Arrows III (Apprentice)0
iconEagle's Talon0
Level 81
iconRear Shot VII (Master)0
iconLightning Strike VIII (Adept)0
iconSearing Shot VII (Expert)0
iconMakeshift Arrows VI (Adept)0
Level 82
iconArrow Rip V (Expert)0
iconThorny Trap III (Master)0
iconArcher's Fury VI (Journeyman)0
iconSnaring Shot IV (Adept)0
Level 83
iconNatural Selection VI (Master)0
iconMiracle Shot V (Journeyman)0
iconSurvival Instincts VI (Master)0
Level 84
iconStream of Arrows III (Master)0
iconSneak Attack VII (Journeyman)0
iconCrippling Arrow VI (Expert)0
Level 85
iconBlessing of Xegony0
iconSnipe VII (Expert)0
iconEmberstrike VIII (Adept)0
Level 86
iconEnsnare VII (Master)0
iconSniper Shot III (Journeyman)0
Level 87
iconRanger's Blade VII (Adept)0
iconTrick Shot VI (Journeyman)0
Level 88
iconHidden Shot VI (Master)0
iconHawk Attack III (Expert)0
iconBloody Reminder VII (Adept)0
Level 89
iconHunter's Instinct VII (Journeyman)0
iconImmobilizing Lunge VII (Expert)0
Level 90
iconStorm of Arrows IV (Master)0
iconTriple Shot VI (Journeyman)0
Level 100
iconSteady Bow (Expert)0