Inquisitor (EQ2 Subclass)  

Archetype: Priest
Class: Cleric
Fae, Wood Elf, Halfling, Dwarf, Froglok, Ogre, Barbarian, Troll, Sarnak, Human, Kerra, Half Elf, High Elf, Erudite
Alignment: Neutral
Spells Armor Weapons Shields
Epic Weapon Quest Series

"Kill them all. The gods will know their own."

The Inquisitor fulfills a militant support role by providing restorative and protective benefits to her allies. The Inquisitor is able to mend wounds and purge ailments of all sorts, while striking opponents with divine power.

Primary Stats

  • Wisdom (primary) - Increases your damage and maximum power.
  • Stamina - Increases your maximum health.

Class Armor

For more class-appropriate armor sets, see: Inquisitor Item Sets

Class Hat

Epic Weapon

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