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Level 1
iconCloud of Bats0
iconFaith Strike (Adept)0
iconClarion (Journeyman)0
Level 2
iconJudgment (Journeyman)0
Level 3
iconPrayer of Healing (Adept)0
Level 4
iconWrath Stance (Journeyman)0
iconKnight's Stance (Adept)0
Level 5
iconPenitent Kick (Adept)0
Level 6
iconFaith Strike II (Journeyman)0
Level 7
iconHoly Circle (Apprentice)0
Level 8
iconRighteousness (Expert)0
Level 9
iconDivine Inspiration (Adept)0
iconClarion II (Apprentice)0
Level 10
iconBlessed Weapon (Expert)0
Level 11
iconPrayer of Healing II (Master)0
iconDivine Vengeance (Journeyman)0
Level 12
iconDemonstration of Faith (Journeyman)0
Level 13
iconHeroic Dash (Expert)0
iconJudgment II (Master)0
Level 14
iconAncient Wrath (Apprentice)0
iconCry of Conviction0
Level 15
iconPower Cleave (Master)0
Level 16
iconStance: Knight's Stance (Master)0
iconKnight's Stance II (Journeyman)0
iconWrath Stance II (Apprentice)0
Level 17
iconClarion III (Apprentice)0
Level 18
iconCrusade (Apprentice)0
Level 19
iconPenitent Kick II (Adept)0
Level 20
iconLay on Hands (Expert)0
iconHoly Steed0
Level 21
iconResolute Faith (Adept)0
iconAmends (Master)0
iconHoly Circle II (Apprentice)0
Level 22
iconRighteousness II (Apprentice)0
iconHoly Aid (Adept)0
iconHoly Aid II (Apprentice)0
iconBlessed Aid0
iconBlinding Light0
iconCourageous Wrath0
Level 23
iconDivine Inspiration II (Apprentice)0
Level 24
iconBlessed Weapon II (Adept)0
iconBlessing of the Paladin (Master)0
Level 25
iconDivine Vengeance II (Adept)0
Level 26
iconDemonstration of Faith II (Apprentice)0
iconDevout Sacrament (Master)0
Level 27
iconHeroic Dash II (Master)0
iconJudgment III (Journeyman)0
Level 28
iconHoly Strike (Journeyman)0
iconAncient Wrath II (Apprentice)0
Level 29
iconFaith Strike III (Journeyman)0
iconPower Cleave II (Master)0
Level 30
iconKnight's Stance III (Apprentice)0
iconPrayer of Healing III (Apprentice)0
iconPrayer of Devotion0
Level 31
iconClarion IV (Apprentice)0
iconNoble Tone0
Level 32
iconResolute Faith II (Expert)0
iconWrath Stance III (Apprentice)0
iconAegis of Hope0
Level 33
iconCrusade II (Apprentice)0
iconPenitent Kick III (Journeyman)0
iconPious Belief0
Level 34
iconLay on Hands II (Adept)0
Level 35
iconHoly Circle III (Adept)0
iconAmends II (Master)0
Level 36
iconHoly Aid III (Apprentice)0
iconRighteousness III (Apprentice)0
Level 37
iconDivine Inspiration III (Apprentice)0
Level 38
iconBlessing of the Paladin II (Master)0
iconBlessed Weapon III (Apprentice)0
Level 39
iconDivine Vengeance III (Master)0
Level 40
iconDemonstration of Faith III (Master)0
iconRefusal of Atonement (Master)0
iconDevout Sacrament II (Master)0
iconSummon Squire0
iconDisplay of Devotion0
Level 41
iconJudgment IV (Apprentice)0
iconHeroic Dash III (Master)0
Level 42
iconAncient Wrath III (Expert)0
iconHoly Strike II (Expert)0
iconSworn Strike0
Level 43
iconPower Cleave III (Journeyman)0
iconFaith Strike IV (Adept)0
Level 44
iconPrayer of Healing IV (Adept)0
iconKnight's Stance IV (Master)0
iconPrayer of Conviction0
Level 45
iconClarion V (Adept)0
Level 46
iconResolute Faith III (Apprentice)0
iconWrath Stance IV (Journeyman)0
Level 47
iconPenitent Kick IV (Adept)0
iconCrusade III (Apprentice)0
Level 48
iconLay on Hands III (Apprentice)0
Level 49
iconHoly Circle IV (Expert)0
iconAmends III (Apprentice)0
Level 50
iconHoly Aid IV (Expert)0
iconRighteousness IV (Master)0
iconDecree (Adept)0
iconHand of Bayle0
iconPious Aid0
iconZealous Preaching0
Level 51
iconDivine Inspiration IV (Master)0
Level 52
iconBlessing of the Paladin III (Master)0
iconBlessed Weapon IV (Journeyman)0
iconSigil of Heroism (Apprentice)0
iconRighteous Crusade0
Level 53
iconDivine Vengeance IV (Apprentice)0
Level 54
iconDemonstration of Faith IV (Adept)0
iconDevout Sacrament III (Apprentice)0
iconRefusal of Atonement II (Adept)0
iconRefusal of Faith0
Level 55
iconConsecrate (Apprentice)0
iconHeroic Dash IV (Apprentice)0
iconJudgment V (Apprentice)0
Level 56
iconAncient Wrath IV (Journeyman)0
iconHoly Strike III (Apprentice)0
Level 57
iconFaith Strike V (Master)0
iconPower Cleave IV (Expert)0
Level 58
iconDivine Favor (Adept)0
iconKnight's Stance V (Adept)0
iconPrayer of Healing V (Expert)0
Level 59
iconClarion VI (Apprentice)0
Level 60
iconResolute Faith IV (Apprentice)0
iconWrath Stance V (Journeyman)0
Level 61
iconPenitent Kick V (Apprentice)0
iconCrusade IV (Master)0
Level 62
iconLay on Hands IV (Adept)0
iconCelestial Touch0
Level 63
iconHoly Circle V (Apprentice)0
Level 64
iconHoly Aid V (Apprentice)0
iconRighteousness V (Adept)0
iconFervent Aid0
Level 65
iconDivine Inspiration V (Journeyman)0
iconCastigate (Apprentice)0
Level 66
iconBlessing of the Paladin IV (Apprentice)0
iconBlessed Weapon V (Apprentice)0
Level 67
iconDivine Vengeance V (Master)0
Level 68
iconDevout Sacrament IV (Journeyman)0
iconDemonstration of Faith V (Master)0
iconRefusal of Atonement III (Expert)0
Level 69
iconJudgment VI (Apprentice)0
iconHeroic Dash V (Adept)0
Level 70
iconDecree II (Expert)0
iconHoly Strike IV (Apprentice)0
iconAncient Wrath V (Apprentice)0
Level 71
iconPower Cleave V (Adept)0
iconFaith Strike VI (Journeyman)0
Level 72
iconClarion VII (Expert)0
iconKnight's Stance VI (Apprentice)0
iconPrayer of Healing VI (Master)0
Level 73
iconWrath Stance VI (Adept)0
iconCrusade V (Apprentice)0
Level 74
iconLay on Hands V (Apprentice)0
iconPenitent Kick VI (Expert)0
iconConsecrate II (Apprentice)0
Level 75
iconHoly Circle VI (Adept)0
iconCircular Smite0
Level 76
iconRighteousness VI (Apprentice)0
iconDivine Inspiration VI (Master)0
iconHoly Aid VI (Adept)0
Level 77
iconDivine Vengeance VI (Apprentice)0
iconBlessing of the Paladin V (Journeyman)0
iconBlessed Weapon VI (Master)0
Level 78
iconCastigate II (Apprentice)0
iconRefusal of Atonement IV (Apprentice)0
iconDevout Sacrament V (Journeyman)0
Level 79
iconHeroic Dash VI (Adept)0
iconDemonstration of Faith VI (Adept)0
iconJudgment VII (Apprentice)0
Level 80
iconAncient Wrath VI (Journeyman)0
iconHoly Strike V (Apprentice)0
iconDecree III (Journeyman)0
iconHoly Ground (Expert)0
iconMarr's Favor0
iconHoly Avenger0
Level 81
iconPower Cleave VI (Journeyman)0
iconFaith Strike VII (Master)0
Level 82
iconClarion VIII (Journeyman)0
iconPrayer of Healing VII (Adept)0
iconKnight's Stance VII (Expert)0
Level 83
iconWrath Stance VII (Journeyman)0
Level 84
iconPenitent Kick VII (Adept)0
iconLay on Hands VI (Master)0
iconCrusade VI (Adept)0
iconConsecrate III (Master)0
Level 85
iconBlessing of Xegony0
iconHoly Circle VII (Adept)0
Level 86
iconDivine Inspiration VII (Expert)0
iconHoly Aid VII (Journeyman)0
iconRighteousness VII (Adept)0
Level 87
iconBlessing of the Paladin VI (Adept)0
iconBlessed Weapon VII (Expert)0
iconDivine Vengeance VII (Master)0
Level 88
iconCastigate III (Journeyman)0
iconDevout Sacrament VI (Journeyman)0
iconRefusal of Atonement V (Adept)0
Level 89
iconHeroic Dash VII (Expert)0
iconJudgment VIII (Master)0
iconDemonstration of Faith VII (Adept)0
Level 90
iconAncient Wrath VII (Journeyman)0
iconDecree IV (Journeyman)0
iconHoly Strike VI (Expert)0