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mistmoore vanguard chest -2Armor 
mistmoore brigandine chest -2Armor 
kaladim vanguard chest -2Armor 
faydark robe chest -2Armor 
mistmoore chain chest -2Armor 
kaladim chain chest -2Armor 
mistmoore leather chest -2Armor 
mistmoore heavy cloth chest -2Armor 
kaladim brusier gi chest -2Armor 
mistmoore plate chest -2Armor 
mistmoore robe chest -2Armor 
mistmoore woven chest -2Armor 
faydark plate chest -2Armor 
Brell's Hammer -2Weapon 
Ordained Altar of Tunare 0House ItemDropped
Ordained Altar of Rodcet Nife 0House ItemDropped
Humble Altar of Mithaniel Marr 0House ItemQuest Reward, Quest Item
Ordained Altar of Rallos Zek 0House ItemDropped
Crafted Altar of Cazic Thule 0House ItemCrafted
Crafted Altar of Karana 0House ItemCrafted
Ordained Altar of Anashti Sul 0House Item 
Altar of the Tribunal 0House ItemPurchased
Altar of Tunare 0House ItemPurchased
Altar of Brell Serilis 0House ItemPurchased
Altar of Rallos Zek 0House ItemPurchased
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