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a can of cherry fizzlepop 100DrinkPurchased
a glass of faydark chai 100DrinkPurchased
a glass of frosted griffin milk 100DrinkPurchased
a pint of grendik's dastardly concoction 100DrinkPurchased
a shar vahl vanilla latte 100DrinkPurchased
Abbatoir coffee 1DrinkQuest Reward, Quest Item
Absinthe 40DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
absinthe 40DrinkCrafted
After Dark 70DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
afternoon tea 30DrinkCrafted
ambrosia 30DrinkCrafted
Ambrosial Coffee 90DrinkCrafted
Ambrosial Mead 90DrinkCrafted
Ambrosial Tea 90DrinkCrafted
Ambrosial Wine 90DrinkCrafted
antonican coffee 10Drink 
Antonican Coffee 10DrinkCrafted
Arctic Heights 30DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Aromatic Red Wine 10Drink 
Artery Punch 50DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Artichoke Fizzlepop 50DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Artichoke Kalish 50DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
artichoke kalish 50Drink 
Artichoke Tea 50DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
Artichoke Wine 50DrinkCrafted, Quest Item
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