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CollectionLevelCategoryItems Req.
Erudite Glyph Stones95Sentinel's Fate10
Runes of Fate95Sentinel's Fate4
Stonebrunt Highlands: Kaborite Crystals95Sentinel's Fate10
Sundered Frontier: Kaborite Crystals95Sentinel's Fate10
The Deep and Dark Places: Geodes95Sentinel's Fate10
The Vigilant: Runed Scrolls92Sentinel's Fate6
Vigilant Crew Badges92Sentinel's Fate6
Vigilant Navigation Maps and Tools92Sentinel's Fate6
Weapons of the Tallonites92Sentinel's Fate6
Armor of the Rime90Destiny of Velious5
Avazek Relics90Destiny of Velious8
Axiom of the Great Bear90Destiny of Velious8
Axiom of the Great Chokidai90Destiny of Velious8
Axiom of the Great Crocodile90Beastlord Epic8
Axiom of the Great Tiger90Destiny of Velious8
Axiom of the Great Wolf90Destiny of Velious8
Beam Handler Decoder Rings90Sentinel's Fate6
Canopic Jars90Silent City: The Delving Dead5
Clockwork Gazer Parts90Sentinel's Fate6
Clothing of the Kejek90Sentinel's Fate6
Coldain Relics90Destiny of Velious7
Common Erudin Clothing90Sentinel's Fate6
Darkened Grimoires90Sentinel's Fate6
Erudin Book Minions90Sentinel's Fate4
Fearsome Weapons of the Gruengach90Sentinel's Fate6
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