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Snakecharmer's Bauble 78AccessoryDropped
Radiant Earring of Fangs 61Accessory 
General Lonetusk's Stud 16Accessory 
Void-poisoned Stud 80AccessoryDropped
Earring of the Lost Tower 72AccessoryQuest Reward, Quest Item
Eye Ring of Keys 80AccessoryDropped
Fashioned Fire Opal Earring 28Accessory 
fashioned jasper earring 18Accessory 
Explorer's Earring of Beasts 56Accessory 
Kunzite Noxious Stud 70AccessoryCrafted
Anuk's Mithril Earring 58AccessoryDropped
Lost Traveler's Earring 1AccessoryDropped
Earhoop of Wisened Chanting 20Accessory 
Shaped Fashioned Bloodstone Arcane Stud 40Accessory 
Augur's Earrings of Sageness 27Accessory 
Fashioned Agate Earring 20AccessoryCrafted, Quest Item
Stud of the Strongarm 82AccessoryDropped
Stud of Kromzek Anger 90Accessory 
Gathered Orb of Abjuration 44Accessory 
Shimmering Septic Backing Stone 10Adornment 
Outrider's Earring of Devastation 40AccessoryPurchased
Spike of Sharpened Bones 10AccessoryDropped
Strengthened Earstud of the Frontier 80AccessoryDropped
Earring of the Raiding Spirit 60AccessoryDropped
Bile Covered Hoop 37AccessoryDropped
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