Unholy Steed  

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Spell Summary
Unholy Steed
Casting5 seconds
Duration1 day
Recovery0.5 second

  • Applies Unholy Steed when Activated.
    • Summons a mount to ride that increases your speed by 130%

With GU58 this mount will be 25% runspeed.

Holy (and Unholy) Steeds are spells and not the same thing as whistles/drums/etc.

You can still cast your Holy/Unholy Steed...just be sure you don't have an appearance mount in your Mount window. You'll then see your Steed normally. (If you don't unequip your Appearance mount, then you'll see that instead.)

You can unequip your Appearance mount by right-clicking that slot on the Mount window and choosing "Unequip". That clears that slot.

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Category: EverQuest II
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