To Speak as a Dragon  

Grants AA
Related Zones:
Min Coin: 15g, 15s, 54c
Max Coin: 15g, 36s, 89c
Tablet of Draconic Runes

NOTE With GU56, if you have completed this quest on one character, that character may go to Shady Swashbuckler XVIII and purchase a copy of Tablet of Draconic Runes. Place it in your shared bank and characters on this step of the quest may read it to learn the runes instead of running all over Norrath.

  • You must have prior knowledge of the Krombral language to be able to complete this quest.
  • Two runes require someone in the party to have completed the quest Summoning the Creator or be over level 55 so they can open some doors in the Obelisk of Lost Souls

This lengthy quest allows you to speak Draconic. This language is necessary to receive the Fire and Ice and Deception quests from Lord Nagafen. You must also know this language to complete the Epic Repercussions quest. It is listed as a Hallmark quest in your journal. You must be at least level 50 to be given this quest.

  1. Before starting, you will need to speak to Sebir the Historian ( -167, -9, -546 ) in the Solusek Valley in Lavastorm. You will then need to take part in a small event inside Maiden's Gulch: Rescue of the Sage, and after defeating a named drakota, Vyr'drais the Vicious, you will be able to speak to The Sage of Ages, who then offers you this quest.
  2. Our next goal is to venture deep in Solusek's Eye and into Nagafen's Lair. If this is your first time in Nagafen's Lair, you will be zoned into a single group instance of the zone named The Oratorium of Thyr, where you will have to fight your way through. There are ~15 level 50^^ mobs to be defeated, culminating with Flamelord Thyr. Whoever hails the Flamelord will be banished to a cage, so you should probably have a healer or a caster do this. You will then have to kill his minions and then the Flamelord himself. He is a ^^^ heroic mob. After defeating him you can use the door behind him to re-enter Solusek's Eye. After this you should head up the steps and into Nagafen's Lair. Follow the path and use The Gong of Ro to enter the lair.
  3. Once inside Nagafen's Lair, you try to hail Lord Nagafen, yet he will not respond to you because you do not speak draconic! However, there is a giant in front of Nagafen, named Majordomo Inferinus, who will speak to you as long as you have mastered the giant language, Krombral. Speak to him to advance the quest and he will tell you to look for another sage somewhere in Antonica.
  4. Head to the Oracle Tower in Antonica and speak to to the sage at the top of the tower. He'll explain how complicated the language is, and that it would take you forever to collect all the runes; however, you will convince him that you'll be able to do it. He then sends you to collect 26 runes scattered all over Norrath.
    • Within Qeynos Capitol District
      • Vee: South Qeynos. Take the yellow teleporter in The Concordium Tower. The scroll is underneath the steps ( 698, 82, 127 ) .
    • Within The City of Freeport
      • Fen: Near Azreana ( 4, 7, -118 ) the Erudite mentor and an Academy spellsplitter.
    • Within Nektulos Forest.
      • Vul: Chest on the second floor of Citadel of Gul'thex ( 701, 11, -736 ) .
    • Within Antonica
      • Within Stormhold
        • Aerr: Enter Stormhold from the back door to save some time. The rune is inside the library on the lone bookshelf in the southeast part of the room. The book stands out on the shelf just a little more than the others. Look closely! ( -128, -32, -140 )
    • Within The Commonlands
      • Within Fallen Gate
        • Dar: On the table in the second house on the left in Little Neriak ( 168, 18, -84 ) .
    • Within The Thundering Steppes
      • Phar: Head to Ambassador Sandor's house in the Thundermist Village and click the bag behind the merchant's counter. ( 610, 0, -87 ) .
      • Within The Ruins of Varsoon.
        • Shi: Enter RoV from the back door to save some time and head to the Tome of Life's room ( 8, 4, 71 )
        • Mir: On a shelf in the Workshop of the Enchanter; it is a scroll next to a blue book ( 256, -3, 133 ) .
    • Within Enchanted Lands:
      • Within Runnyeye
        • Kor: Next to a banner and a clickable chest in the room with Dyrilisia ( -72, 2, -95 ) .
        • Sev:Second tier of structure in banker room ( 63, -11, -14 ) .
      • Within Rivervale:
        • Tal: A book under the table at The House of Circles. ( -835, -6, -109 ) Note: Deathfist Orcs will ambush after you leave house, even if you are invisible!
        • Gor:Head to the mill north-northeast of The Laughing Trout; it is in the corner on your right after entering the mill ( -515, 0, -215 ) .
    • Within Everfrost
      • Within Permafrost
        • Vak: On top of statue quest table, northwestern side of the main level ( 160, 7, -432 ) .
        • Kyth: On top of Alangria's table, northeastern side of the main level ( -150, 4, -453 ) .
        • Sissra: Hidden under table in a rucksack near the forge in the basement ( 114, -35, -179 ) . Note: You can get to this room from the main level, down a hole at 91,2,-188 .
    • Within The Feerrott
      • Gresh: Inside Murgina's tent in The Hidden Camp; the book is hidden in the rafters ( -149, 14, 188 ) .
      • Draeden: Book is under the western side of Golgoth Bridge ( -343, -8, 492 ) .
      • Xak: Inside of the Eye of Thule pyramid ( -329, -6, 850 ) .
      • Within Cazic-Thule
        • Rakta: On the ground next to the small steps in Tzugaax the Torturer's room ( -35, -1, 9 ) .
        • Trena: On the ground next to the small steps in The Pool of Dread room ( 3, -2, 6 ) .
        • Trana: A scroll on the table inside Ux Uval's room ( 0.19, -11.77, -100.62 ) .
    • Within Lavastorm
      • Within Solusek's Eye
        • Nak: Scroll on the floor to the right of the table outside the glass worker room on sub-level 6 ( -255.82, -515.70, 93.35 ) .
        • Fyrm: Scroll on a table on the left side of the glass worker room on sub-level 6 ( -317, -516, 127 ) .
    • Within The Obelisk of Lost Souls
      • Voth: On a table in the Instrument of Torture room on the 1st level ( -46, 595, 286 ) .
      • Rett: Anchor Room, book on the floor next to the cabinet at the bottom of room, 3rd level ( -436, 371, 332 ) .
      • Sissthra: West wing of The Athenaeum of Shadows, 3rd level. Click the scroll by a candle ( -429, 396, 244 ) .
  5. After you are finished collecting all the runes you need to return to the Sage in Antonica. You are now able to speak Draconic and so can now speak to Lord Nagafen.

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