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NameTypeLow LevelHigh LevelExpansion
Starcrest CommuneCity110Classic
Stonestair BywayCity110Classic
The Elddar GroveCity170Classic
The Willow WoodCity110Classic
South QeynosCity170Classic
North QeynosCity170Classic
East FreeportCity2275Classic
Graystone YardCity110Classic
Maj'DulCity2060Desert of Flames
North FreeportCity170Classic
Temple StreetCity110Classic
Castleview HamletCity110Classic
West FreeportCity170Classic
Qeynos HarborCity170Classic
South FreeportCity170Classic
Neriak, City Of HateCity170Classic
Scale YardCity110Classic
Beggar's CourtCity110Classic
Big BendCity110Classic
The BaubbleshireCity110Classic
Longshadow AlleyCity110Classic
The City Of FreeportCity00Classic
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