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This is the city of Exiles. If you betray your starting city, while you are homeless you will be able to find the way in to Haven.

When you arrive in Haven, speak to the Hospitaller, Kivrin Feirling. She has written a book that will help you learn where everything is, and help you find your place in this community of the homeless.

Crafting Vendors, work and rush orders and all workstations can be found in Ekroosik's Replicators.

Smuggled Goods, the open market, has archetype trainers as well as trainers for portals and teleport spires.

The mailbox is at -88,-68,-55 , near Historian Andrews, the guild registrar.

The Broker is Logan, the Black Market NPC in the main cave. You will pay a 50% surgcharge in Haven.

Lastly, just to the northeast of the mailbox you will find the banker.

Haven does not have:

  • Housing
  • Status Merchants (buy or sell)
  • City merchants or horse merchants.
  • regular city task quests. Tradeskill Writs are available.
  • Direct transportation to the Sinking Sands.
  • A shared bank.

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