Neriak, City of Hate  

Level1 - 70

Deep under the mountain range separating The Commonlands from Nektulos Forest lies the city of Neriak, home of the Tier'Dal and Arasai.

GU56 Transportation Changes

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010
With GU56 Big Business is no longer required to use the teleport pads in Neriak.


The City of Neriak
The City of Neriak
The city is divided into districts. Each district is a separate cavern, connected together by tunnels.

Indigo Hollow

The New Foreign Quarter

Dockside Markets

Neriak Down Under

  • Crafters and workstations
  • Brokers

The Spires of Innoruuk

  • The Disciples of Innoruuk (Priests Guild)

Cristanos Plaza

Death Grotto

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