Level20 - 60
ExpansionDesert of Flames

Maj'Dul is the "city" zone in the Desert of Flames expansion. This is a loose term because this zone is as much a dungeon as it is a city. To get to Maj'Dul, take a magic carpet: speak to a nomadic carpet keeper near the dock for a ride.

There are three major factions in this city: The Court of the Coin, The Court of The Blades and The Court of Truth. These factions are constantly fighting and bickering.

Players can choose one of these factions by completing faction quests or killing rival faction members and turning in their tokens for faction. It is important to note that you lose standing with the other two factions when you raise it with one. To become favorable to one the other two factions will kill you on sight. Be forewarned.

Everything in this city is killable, but beware of killing NPCs near the Sha'ir who will attack you for doing so as it is against the law. There are also some aggressive NPCs scattered throughout the city, so tread lightly.

When raising sufficient standing with one of the factions you will be able to enter their court and even receive a quest to learn how to teleport directly to Maj'Dul. Each faction has their own quests and options available to them.

There are also towers in the zone which can be conquered and you can place your faction in control of them, making it more difficult for rival factions to move about the city.

Maj'Dul is also the entrance to the famous Arena where players can participate in Player vs. Player combat in various rooms and matches.

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