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NameTypeLow LevelHigh LevelExpansion
The Clefts Of RujarkIndoor4560Desert of Flames
The Forsaken CityIndoor6571Fallen Dynasty
The Court Of The CoinIndoor160Desert of Flames
The CavesIndoor515Classic
The Temple Of Cazic-ThuleIndoor3750Classic
The Elemental ChamberIndoor8085Rise of Kunark
The Serpent SewerIndoor1525Classic
The Library Of Light: DiversionIndoor190Kingdom of Sky
The RuinsIndoor1020Classic
The Down BelowIndoor515Classic
The Nest Of The Great EggIndoor6070Kingdom of Sky
Clefts Of Rujark: Dorn's SanctuaryIndoor5060Desert of Flames
The Firemyst GullyIndoor1522Classic
Palace Of The AwakenedIndoor6570Kingdom of Sky
SebilisIndoor7380Rise of Kunark
Vermin's SnyeIndoor1525Classic
The Cauldron HollowIndoor2936Classic
Legends Of Norrath MuseumIndoor00Classic
Crushbone KeepIndoor2035Echoes of Faydwer
Cazel's MesaIndoor5560Desert of Flames
The Court Of The BladesIndoor160Desert of Flames
Solusek's EyeIndoor4255Classic
Ascent Of The AwakenedIndoor6370Kingdom of Sky
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