Ascent of the Awakened  

Level63 - 70
ExpansionKingdom of Sky


Raid Information
Raid ZoneAscent of the Awakened
ExpansionKingdom of Sky
Success5 days 20 hours
Failure12 hours
This dungeon is located at -177, -165.6, -278 on the Isle of Discord in the Barren Sky.

This zone has lots of trash, and 4 named within it. The trash are pretty easy to deal with, so I won't go into great detail regarding them. However, the named can be tricky... especially the two dragons. Make sure you bring plenty of ranged DPS, or you will not be completing this raid.

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Prophet of The Slashing Talon

This is the first named in the zone. You must use the Ornate Slashed Eyes gathered from trash within the zone on the Effigy of the Slashing Talon to spawn him. We know very little about this mob, except he has a single-target Poison attack, on an 80 second recast, that damages equipment. He also has a frontal heat AOE, so make sure your MT has good heat resist. Other than that, all we can recommend is have your MT with his back to a wall in-case of knockback, all your melee DPS behind the mob and all casters at max range.

Ancient of the Flapping Wing

This is the second named in the zone. You must use the Ornate Winged Eyes gathered from trash within the zone on the Effigy of the Flapping Wing to spawn him. Two wanderers to either side of wall to 2nd floor. As with first floor, once dragon is dead, spawns stop. If you are careful, you can go up one side of wall (all bunch together) and get only one of the two wanderers.

Once they cleared, go to nearest alcove and clear it. If you have the eye for this floor, park everyone in the alcove. Activate the trail, wait for spawn, pull with pet. The alcoves are outside the "wind" created by the watching dragons. He doesn't appear to have any AOE's to worry about.

Ireth the Cold

This is the third named in the zone, on the third floor... believe it or not. First thing to know, is that all mobs on this floor use cold-based AOE's. Make sure your raid have a decent cold resist and clear as much trash as possible to get the items required to spawn Ireth (more info on this greately appreciated!).

Once spawned, there are a few things you need to be aware of. Firstly, this is a ranged fight, as anyone too close to the dragon will cause adds to spawn periodically. Also, you should use no dumbfire or swarm pets, and definately no melee pets. All casters must stay at max range, all DPS must use whatever ranged abilities they have to beat him down. Only the MT should be near the mob, and he must make sure to have his back to a wall.

Ireth will throw an elemental DOT on your MT every 25 seconds. It is cold based, and does approx 2.5k damage, so make sure to cure it asap. He also has a rear tail-lash, so you may want to keep your DPS off to the side as well as at max range. Other than that, either your MT or OT will have to grab the Ice Dervish that spawns. I recommend you have the OT grab it, pull it back to the raid force and go to town on it before switching back to Ireth. We have no timer on how often these spawn, but you should only get 1 at a time as only your MT should be close enough to cause the spawn.

Sharti of the Flame

This is the final named in the zone. To get to him, go back to the first climable wall you saw on the third floor and go up. Any trash on this floor now uses heat-based AOE's, so make sure your resists are good. Once you get to Sharti, the real fun can begin.

Again, this is a ranged fight. However, unlike the previous dragon, Sharti will spawn TWO adds for each person/pet within the AOE, rather than just one. Supposedly, he doesn't have any knockback, but I would suggest having your MT put their back to the wall anyways. All casters and DPS should be max range again... and as before, no melee/dumbfire/swarm pets to be used on this mob. You have several ways of dealing with the adds when they spawn (which should only be 2 at a time):

  • OT pulls them off the MT. The adds are linked to each other, but not the dragon, so a group-taunt will work. Raid burns them down.
  • Enchanters mezz the adds and everyone just burns the dragon.
  • Kill the dragon fast (might be possible with a raid-force of 80's and having everyone melee rather than ranged).

That's it! If you have the Audience with the Guardian quest, then congratulations on your x4 access!

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