The Dream Scorcher  

This quest is for the Fabled version of the Defiler-only Epic Weapon, Dream Scorcher.


Command of Ykeshan, language of the Troll. This can be learned by purchasing an Ykeshan Language Primer from

40,000 faction with Synod Reet (This is what everyone claims I had to get 47,500 Faction before he would speak to me)

    • The best way to gain faction with the Synod Reet is to speak with Kunzar Jungle: Assistant Pubbit at 367, -110, 897 and do the Quest: For the Love of Reet the first time you do it you receive +35,000 faction then 1000 faction each time you repeat it. Do this until your faction is -6200

Then Speak with Kunzar Jungle: Mender Kupput at 488, -97, 909 and do the Following Quests

  1. Steel to be Stole (75 Heroic) - Find 6 crates near the entrance inside Sebilis Receive +1000 faction
  2. Swords to be Swiped (78 Heroic,repeatable) - Kill: 8 iksars inside Sebilis for their weapons Receive +5000 faction for each completeion, rinse and repeat this mission until your faction is 40,000

Required Mini-Quest

Speak with Fens of Nathsar: Crowhood the Olden at -2631, -396, -2104 .

    • She is North East-ish of the Bellywhumper burrows. She tells you a slimy thing has stolen her medicine bag. Note: You do not get a quest from her at this point.
    • After she finishes talking go kill Fens of Nathsar: Guagua at -2721, -475, -2265 .
    • Loot An Old Medicine Bag from his body and return to Crowhood the Olden, who will now offer you the the first part of the epic quest.

Begin Epic Quest

  1. Crowhood the Olden needs you to activate the Crowhood's Totem in four places:
    • The first one is in Fens of Nathsar at the far corner of the Ruins Of Cabilis at 331, 17, -1437
    • The next is in Kylong Plains in the yeti caves at 1327, 410, -1040 .
    • Third location is in Jarsath Wastes at the temple of the Red Lord at -2462, 315, 297 .
    • Next update is in Kunzar Jungle at 180, 87, -417
  2. Inspect the tomb close to the 4th totem, 4 lvl 83 heroic will spawn and aggro. You must be able to speak Ykeshan to read the tomb. After killing them a named lvl 84^^^ Incuuba will spawn, kill him.
  3. Return to Crowhood.
  4. She sends you to North Freeport to talk to Mizzog The Sighted at -45, -25, -50 .
  5. Mizzog tells you to create something to protect your mind (four items and a medicine bag to carry them) and provides you with a list of ingredients, a recipe and a sewing kit. If you lose one of them, the box next to Mizzog can be harvested to receive those things again.
    • Master of the Hunt Leash Clasp from Huntmaster Viswin -17, 79, -131 inside (not in front of) Castle Mistmoore, 2nd level of the north tower.
      • Note: This is an EPIC x2 step! So bring friends. The PH will also drop the item. Only one Defiler at a time can get the update.
    • A Burnt Scripture of Fear from the The Priest of Fear in The Estate of Unrest.
    • A Shissarian Dreamward from Majora Leviathora in Chelsith
      • Note: You must kill the other three Leviathan in the zone in order to break the barrier around Majora.
    • A Fear Etched Idol from a skeleton in Snaggletooth's room in Sebilis at -149, -133, 339 , on second the level (via underwater tunnels).
    • A Quivering Sphere of Panic bought from Bulgup Urple in Kunzar Jungle at 474, -96, 909 .
      • You need 40.000 faction with Synod Reet and 2p, 40g 
    • A medicine bag:
      • Scribe the medicine bag recipe and go and find the following ingredients:
      • 20 pieces of obsidian dropped from docile fire elementals in the Skyfire Mountains in Jarsath Wastes. These are a less than common drop, however a magmatic destroyer drops 2 updates at a time.
      • 1 hidebound pelt (harvested, from guildhall or from broker)
      • 100 lichenclover roots (harvested, from guildhall or from broker)
      • 10 smoldering filament (fuel from fuel merchant, tailor or wholesaler)
      • Return to the Fens of Nathsar, proceed to the Field of Bone and open your Defiler Sewing Station inside the giant ribcage close to the head around -1519, -371, -1515 .
      • Create your medicine bag - if you fail you only need more filaments. You must be at least a level 1 Artisan.
  6. Return to Mizzog the Sighted. She tells you to find an amulet and summon a powerful spirit.
  7. Go to the City of Mist in Kunzar Jungle. Shulatu's Talisman is a rare chest drop from any mob here.
  8. Head back to the grave at 180, 87, -417 , and talk to Shulatu Darkscar, a ghost, who will ask you to subdue eight animal spirits. The animal spirits are located all around Kunark and require you to use the spell Spirit Sight, (Defiler Spirit Sight), which Shulatu will give you. All of them should have a knockback and stun. They are single-player mobs but level 84, so it won't hurt to at least bring one other person with you. The spell will affect your entire group, should you take someone with you. They roam in circles about the following locations:
    • Tiger - Kunzar Jungle around -202, 115, -336
    • Gorilla - Kunzar Jungle around -471, 12, 124
    • Chokidai - Kunzar Jungle around 652, 98, -646
    • Shark - Fens of Nathsar around -1777.74, -448.15, -2992.21
    • Cockatrice - Fens of Nathsar around -259, -83, 1372
    • Crocodile - Fens of Nathsar around -135, -408, 949
    • Rhino - Jarsath Wastes around 632, -45, 681
    • Wyvern - Jarsath Wastes around -2108, 175, 1373
  9. Return to the grave, start the ritual (click on the mound). Bring a group, because after Shulatu's speech, a series of heroics will spawn (2 waves: of 3 and 4, 83^^). Kill them and Shulatu Darkscar's ghost (84^^^). Accept the rings after killing Shulatu Darkscar.
  10. Return to Mizzog. She wants you to find a strong spirit.
  11. Kill Drusella Sathir in Charasis: Maiden's Chamber.
  12. Return to Mizzog. She will hand you Mizzog's Dream Totem to enter the dream world, Astra, the Dreamscape.
  13. Use Mizzog's Dream Totem while in North Freeport to pull your group into the dream world.
  14. Clear the zone (don't forget the named nightblood INSIDE the ziggurat, under the stairs), and kill Kullaba Dreadpool to receive your epic. Clearing the zone is important as Kullaba will call all of the mobs to his aid. Also be aware that zoning out puts you back into North Freeport. This could be an issue for Qeynosians.

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