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Betrayal and Citizenship
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Changing citizenship is done for a multitude of reasons, from simply wanting to be a member of a different city to wanting to change your alignment and/or class. For detailed explanations of betrayal and citizenship, see What is Betrayal? and What is Citizenship? below.

With GU56 the Citizenship/Betrayal process features Ambassadors to de-mystify the process. Regardless of whether you are betraying or just changing your citizenship, start with one of these Ambassadors in your home city.

What is Betrayal?

When a player changes their alignment and/or class through this process, it is known as Betrayal. The various methods of betrayal require you to turn your back on the ways of your current alignment and then gain faction with the new city you go to. During the betrayal process you are placed in Exile at the City of Haven.

You must be at least level 10 to begin the process of betrayal.

Becoming an Exile

Factions while an Exile
Factions while an Exile
When you are an Exile, the only city which is fully tolerant of you is your new home city called Haven. While being an Exile, you will permanently have the suffix title of "the Exiled" until you finish the process of betrayal. You will retain ownership of your home in your old city, but it may be unsafe to reach your home unless you are in a guild with a Portal to Member Housing amenity. As an alternative, players who are planning to remain an Exile and have enough faction with a Maj'Dul court could purchase a home there.

As an Exile, you also have no access to your shared bank. To get out of Exile, you must complete the betrayal process through the city of your choosing. Once you complete all the quests to become a citizen of a good or evil city, all of your city factions for that alignment will raise up accordingly so you're no longer at -50,000.

Changing Your Subclass

At the end of the betrayal series you will be prompted to see a subclass trainer, making it possible to change your subclass. You will need to see the trainer regardless of whether you are changing subclasses.

There are restrictions: you must stay within your class and the subclass must be available to your chosen city's alignment. If a Guardian wanted to change to a Berserker, they could do so from either good or evil alignment. However, if a Conjuror wanted to change to a Necromancer, they must switch from good to evil alignment.

On PvE servers, if you are changing alignment and your subclass is unavailable to your new city you will be forced to change your subclass to complete the betrayal process. For example, there are no evil Paladins, to change to an evil alignment the Paladin would be forced to change subclasses.

As of GU48 PvP servers are an exception to this rule. On a PvP server you can betray and play the good classes in the evil cities and the evil classes in the good cities. In other words you can have a Templar in Freeport or a Brigand in Qeynos.

With Game Update 58, ability levels can now be retained under certain criteria. See the Ability Retention section below for full details.

Keeping Your Subclass - Tips

To officially come out of Exile, you must speak to your trainer. If you are staying the same class, there is a lot of hassle involved with completing betrayal. Here's some tips to save yourself some sanity:

  • Before speaking to your trainer, use the /savehotkeys [name] command (where name can be whatever you want the file named, preferably one word).
  • Before speaking to your trainer, save all of your AA profiles to disk as these will be completely wiped when you speak to your trainer.
  • Take screenshots of your Grandmaster choices; these will also be reset.
  • After speaking to your trainer camp to yourself (to avoid the mass ability pop-up spam).
  • Use /loadhotkeys [name] to get your hotkeys back.
  • Now load your AA profiles that you saved to restore your AA choices.
  • Use the screenshots of your Grandmaster choices to restore those choices.

Subclass Choices

This is a breakdown of the subclass choices you may be faced with when you betray. Neutral alignment means that you can choose either subclass within your class type regardless of whether you go with a good or evil city.

Bard Dirge
Bard Troubadour
Brawler Bruiser
Brawler Monk
Cleric Inquisitor
Cleric Templar
Druid Fury
Druid Warden

Enchanter Coercer
Enchanter Illusionist
Predator Assassin
Predator Ranger
Sorcerer Warlock
Sorcerer Wizard
Warrior Berserker
Warrior Guardian

Evil Only
Crusader Shadowknight
Rogue Brigand
Shaman Defiler
Summoner Necromancer

Good Only
Crusader Paladin
Rogue Swashbuckler
Shaman Mystic
Summoner Conjuror

Ability Retention

In Game Update 58, players will be able to retain the upgrades they have earned in their combat arts and spells to a certain extent. As per the patch notes:

  • Spells above apprentice are now preserved after betraying in the following situations:
  • Betraying to a different class:
    • Shared spells will retain upgrades
    • All new spells will start as apprentice
  • Betraying back to original class:
    • Shared spells will retain upgrades
    • Any spells that were upgraded before betrayal will remain
  • Betraying to the same class:
    • No spell upgrades will be lost

What is Citizenship?

Citizenship is the final step of betrayal, but it is more commonly known as the process of changing which city is your home city within the same alignment. Most cities require a short and easy quest series to finalize your citizenship there, while others may simply just require you speaking to the local Ambassador to complete your paperwork. This process does not either allow or force you to change your current subclass.

Most commonly, players will change their citizenship to have their primary home in a city that best suits their needs. When completing your citizenship quests, your previous city will drop in faction, but will still remain tolerant of you. Your new city will become of allied faction (+40,000) with you.

Many citizenship quests require that you have at least 1g  to finalize your paperwork. If you are newer to the game and do not have the money, Krra of Everfrost suggests this: Go to The Village of Shin and do the Tier 1 harvesting quest, A Gathering Obsession. Anyone level 5 and higher can pick up that quest and earn 15g-18g when you turn it in!

Game Update #56
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May 25, 2010
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