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Betrayal and Citizenship
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Below are the various methods of leaving or joining the City of Gorowyn as of GU56. [1]

Citizenship quests can be done without betraying if you are either leaving Gorowyn to head to another evil aligned city or coming from an evil city to Gorowyn. Citizens of Gorowyn can betray to change to a city of good alignment. Players who have already betrayed that want to join Gorowyn must gain faction through another evil city, then transfer their citizenship.

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Gorowyn to Evil Aligned City

Speak to Ambassador Zelzekla at 2663, 66, 1171 in Timorous Deep who will confirm which city you wish to go to. She will give you the appropriate starter quest that will take you to the ambassador in your destination city.

Evil Aligned City to Gorowyn

Accept the starter quest from your home city's Ambassador. This will be either Ambassador Brutus at -125, -38, 41 in The City of Freeport (East) or Ambassador V'Nox at -496, 23, 206 in Neriak.

They will give you the quest Moving to Gorowyn.

Next you need to speak to Ambassador Zelzekla in Timorous Deep ( 2663, 66, 1171 ) . She will accept your citizenship transfer papers, making you a full citizen and granting you your Call spell.

Gorowyn to Exile

Speak to Ambassador Zelzekla in Timorous Deep ( 2663, 66, 1171 ) , who will explain all the consequences of betrayal before sending you off to the docks.

Exile to Gorowyn

There is no way to gain faction from Exile to Gorowyn at this time. Players wanting to join the city of Gorowyn must go through the Exile to Neriak or Exile to Freeport quests first, then change their citizenship to Gorowyn.

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010
EverQuest II

  1. ^ A series of posts by Domino on SOE's Official Test forums.

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