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Betrayal and Citizenship
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Below are the various methods of leaving or joining the City of Neriak as of GU56. [1]

Citizenship quests can be done without betraying if you are either leaving Neriak to head to another evil aligned city or coming from an evil city to Neriak. Citizens of Neriak can betray to change to a city of good alignment while good citizens can betray their cities and choose Neriak as a destination.

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Neriak to Evil Aligned City

Speak to Ambassador V'Nox at -496, 23, 206 in Neriak. She will advise you about the process and offer you the starter quest that will take you to the Ambassador in your destination city.

Evil Aligned City to Neriak

For those people wishing to change citizenship from Freeport, speak with Ambassador Brutusat -125, -38, 41 in The City of Freeport (East). Gorowyn citizens need to speak with Ambassador Zelzekla at 2663, 66, 1171 in Timorous Deep.

In both cases, you will be given the Moving to Neriak quest. Complete that and then complete the following quests from Ambassador V'Nox at -496, 23, 206 in Neriak.

  1. Moving to Neriak
  2. Finding a Sponsor
  3. Enemies to the Crown
  4. Document Recovery
  5. Paperwork and Fees

Neriak to Exile

To begin the process of betraying Neriak, you must first save a child called Matteus Gaines ( 80,23,164 ) , who is being beaten up by thugs in the city. He will direct you to speak to Ambassador V'Nox ( -496,23,206 ) , who will warn you of the consequences of betrayal and finally send you on to Magister De'Pater ( -276,29,204 ) .

  1. Taking a Different Path
  2. Dissatisfied with Neriak
  3. Document Retrieval
  4. Rescue the Reverend
  5. Escape the City

Exile to Neriak

If you are in Exile, then your journey to Neriak begins with Phaerdriira Z'Zea'Val or Drizas N'Ryt. They are both around -399, -50, -3 in Darklight Wood. You must continue working on these quests until you reach amiable faction (+10,000) with The City of Neriak.

Neriak Bounties

Phaerdriira's quests are given as a series and are not repeatable. These quests each reward +3,000 faction with The City of Neriak.

  1. Neriak Bounty: House V'Kenate slave
  2. Neriak Bounty: House K'Frerahel slave
  3. Neriak Bounty: Antdrin R'Viniath
  4. Neriak Bounty: Phyriara N'Rhirae
  5. Neriak Bounty: Kazek
  6. Neriak Bounty: Denter Lepidus
  7. Neriak Bounty: Jabbuk T'Ziate
  8. Neriak Bounty: Faerz'un'arr N'Viurden
  9. Neriak Bounty: Quargos De'Vazin
  10. Neriak Bounty: Elghinyrress Do'Texith

Helping Neriak

Drizas' quests are repeatable and you may choose which one you complete. These quests each reward +5,000 faction with The City of Neriak.


Once you reach amiable faction (+10,000) with The City of Neriak, Drizas N'Ryt will send you into the city to complete your citizenship.

  1. Becoming a Citizen of Neriak
  2. Bodyguard Duty
  3. Human Cargo
  4. Citizenship Registrar
  5. Neriak Citizenship Registrar
  6. Fees and Paperwork
  7. Exile to Neriak- Acceptance

Game Update #56
Halas Reborn
May 25, 2010
EverQuest II

  1. ^ A series of posts by Domino on SOE's Official Test forums.

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