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Game Update #54
Will of a Tyrant
December 9, 2009

  1. After receiving the quest, head to North Freeport and talk to Researcher Kendril in The Academy of Arcane Science. You will find him in the Academy of Arcane Science at 5.25, -7.00, -130.39 . He will give you the Traces of Teleportation quest. You will be running these two quests at the same time, so make sure to refer to both writeups!
  2. The Antenna is at -5.68, -48.04, -427.10 at the Ulteran spire in The Commonlands. Harvest the purple shiny you find for the update.
  3. While still in Commonlands use the Ulteran Spire to head to Lavastorm. The Lens is next to the spires at -380.97, -31.24, -600.72 in Lavastorm. Harvest the purple shiny you find for the update. If you don't take the spires you have to run a long way, so use the spires.
  4. While in Lavastorm, take the Ulteran spires to get the Prism at 1139.56, -25.57, 172.72 in The Thundering Steppes. Harvest the purple shiny you find for the update.
  5. (note: the parallel quest "Traces of Teleportation" will tell you to go to Kendril. Do that first.)
  6. Return to Sir Tallen Yevix. She will try to fix the artifact and fail, giving you the pieces to try and fix it instead. Right-click the artifact and select use for your update.
  7. Talk to Sir Tallen Yevix. She will tell you to head to The Baubbleshire and kidnap Algan Tinmizer. (Note: You can use the bell on the Antonica docks to get into the zone. The guards are level 16 heroics. Also, if you are a Master Tinker, you will not have to do this step, and instead will be able to repair the bot by yourself! (also confirmed working with a 136 Tinkerer))
  8. Once there, head to 862.58, -12.25, -413.52 . There you will find Algan. Right-click him and select "Abduct" for your update.
  9. Return to Sir Tallen Yevix. She will force the gnome to repair the device. Once done, talk to her again to finish the quest.
  10. After a nice little chat between Sir Tallen Yevix and Lucan, you can hail her again to receive the next quest in the series.


Attack on the Crowns
Quest Series
Into the Citadel
Traces of Teleportation
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This article refers to events, personae, items and activities that are involved in the Attack on the Crowns World Event. This event will go live on December 8 with GU54 and run until GU55.

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