Festive Flames in Freeport  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
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case of Ro Candles
Ro Candle
Choice Of:
Heroes' Festival Fizzer
Heroes' Festival Cobbler

Speak to Gandy Gearlotta at 56, -20, 78 in the City of Freeport (West) to begin this quest.

This quest can be repeated every two hours.

It's time to celebrate the Heroes' Festival! In commemoration of five years since the Refuge Islands first began collection those lost in the turbulent oceans of Norrath, I have been asked to place Ro Candles throughout the city.

Quest Steps

A Green Sparkle
A Green Sparkle
Tip: To set off the fireworks, click on the green sparkle. There is the chance of multiple locations for a green sparkle, but they should almost always be somewhat near the locations listed below.

  1. The locations within West Freeport and South Freeport where I am to set off Ro Candle fireworks have been marked by Gandy Gearlotta with a green sparkle.
    • Set off a Ro Candle somewhere in the training/weapon storage area southeast of the Freeport Reserve in West Freeport ( 101, -10, -35 )
    • Set off a Ro Candle somewhere around Dreadnaught's Plaza in West Freeport ( 201, -3, 77 )
    • Set off a Ro Candle somewhere on the docks in South Freeport ( -268, -56, 204 )
    • Set off a Ro Candle somewhere along Victory Road (near Scale Yard) in South Freeport ( -75, -25, 267 )
  2. Return to Gandy in West Freeport


The choice of the following:

Every 5th completion of this quest you should also receive:

Heroes' Festival
Occurs annually to celebrate the anniversary of EverQuest II.

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