The Saga of Yasva V'Alear  

This quest is part 2 of 2 for the Fabled version of the Inquisitor-only Epic Weapon, Penitent's Absolution.

  • Command of the Sathirian language is required to start or complete this quest.

  1. Head to Outer Sebilis in Kunzar Jungle and to talk to Loremaster Hax at ( -366, -111, 1049 ) . You must speak Sathirian. If you do not already know the basics of the language, go here.
  2. Talk to 8 Sebilisian residents. Just target and hail to begin your conversation.
    • You must have amiable reputation to speak to the residents. If your reputation is too low, seek out quest-givers in the area. After you have completed a handful of the quests (and raised reputation?), some of the quest-givers will also offer repeatable quests that will raise reputation.
    • You must also command the basics of the Sathirian language to speak to the residents. Complete the collection A Mysterious Black Tome to learn the language.
  3. Return to Loremaster Hax
  4. Kill Undead in Jarsath Wastes at Venril's Crown until you get a small chest containing an Officer's Report. Examine it.
  5. Go to Stonehoof Badlands and hail the Skeleton Of Yasva V'Alear at -331, -61, -503 . He'll change from NPC to attackable
  6. Kill the Skeleton Of Yasva V'Alear (81-85^^ Heroic). It has an approximately 20 minute respawn.
  7. Harvest the Mace Hilt from a Drake Nest in Skyfire Mountains at -1524, 226, 497 .
  8. Speak to Weaponsmith Xass in The City of Freeport ( 31, -12, 103 )
  9. Go to the Cave of Fear in The Feerrott. Hail the Dark Elf, Othixis ( -1911, -25, 482 ) . She will ask you to find 5 tablets.
  10. Go back to Chelsith and search for 5 clickable tablets.
    • Near the entrance ( 15, 4, 390 )
    • In a pool ( 162, 1, 250 )
    • At the Shrine of the Deep ( 434, 44, 130 )
    • On the ramp near the Shrine of the Deep ( 346, 16, 148 )
    • In the water below the ramp to the Shrine of the Deep ( 358, -22, 131 )
  11. Return to Othixis.
  12. Kill Rubble-rabble Burynai in the Rubble-rabble Burrows near the the Abandoned Village in Kunzar Jungle until you get the pommel drop in an ornate chest.
  13. Return again to Othixis.
  14. Kill 75 Reet slaves in Sebilis - either near sporconids on lower level or near labs on upper level (look for orange dots on your map when you get close).
  15. Kill Commander Jorah in Karnor's Castle (His placeholder does not give the update). He's located in the Commander's Chamber, upstairs.
  16. Kill 8 Sarnaks in Timorous Deep
  17. Kill 8 Sarnaks in Chardok
  18. Return to Weaponsmith Xass
  19. The final kill is in an instance in Nektulos Forest.
    • The zone in to the instance where the final mob (82^^) is found is in front of where the Avatar of Hate spawns ( -1307, 48, -1509 ) . There is an anvil on the ground near that location, click it to zone into instance. (Only Inquisitors on the same step may enter the instance.)

Examine Xass's Notebook to start the quest for your Mythical Epic.

Defender of the Faith Inquisitor Epic Weapon
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The Legacy of Yasva V'Alear
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