Freeport Band Aid  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
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Freeport Heroes' Festival Band Flier

Speak to Swynend Sithtenius at 91, -20, 70 near Execution Plaza in West Freeport. You're looking for a lost band member.

  1. Go to The Jade Tiger's Den in North Freeport and find the dwarf, Gimit Delerg, who is a bit too drunk. ( -111, -21, -82 )
  2. Talk to him and he challenges you to a fight outside the bar. This can be multiple places in North Freeport and should be marked by a Region of Interest blue dot on your map. Known locations:
    • Behind the Academy of Arcane Science at 28, -8, -88
    • Near the guild hall at 3, -20, -220
    • Along the path between the mage tower and the guild hall at -44, -12, -180
    • In the lower part amongst the housing at -122, -53, -312 (behind 1 Compassion Road) or -187, -59, -152 (behind 7 Compassion Road)
  3. Knock some sense into Gimit, who scales to your level.
  4. After teaching him a lesson, return to Swynend in West Freeport.


Heroes' Festival
Quest Series
Aggressive Advertising in Freeport
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Heroes' Festival
Occurs annually to celebrate the anniversary of EverQuest II.
(Introduced in 2010)

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