Gathering Feathers  

Note: Anashti Sul needs to be unlocked on your server before you can worship her!

This quest is the first in the Anashti Sul deity line. The first part of the quest has you searching Norrath for books. After you talk to Plumetor Dul'Sadma in The Sinking Sands at -1580.23, -230.89, -415.03 , you can find them at the following locations:

  1. Look for a book detailing past followers of Anashti Sul It's likely in a port city where explorers and seers might travel through - North Freeport, Mage Tower, Entry Floor, 11.26, -7.00, -134.64
  2. Look for a book that describes her influence on Norrath in the past. Likely more recent and in a research library of those bent on knowledge of their own past - Gorowyn, in The Grand Athenaeum. It's a scroll on a table at 2661.98, 62.24, 1356.80
  3. This book will be in the care of one of the oldest races on Norrath - Neriak, Library of K'Lorn, Third Floor on the bookshelf at -709.08, 32.06, 228.50 . If you're a short race, it can be difficult to see.

Now you have all three books, you are asked to start finding the members.

  1. Apparently, the first is likely still fleeing and moving from one place to another. So, it's off to search places of transportation. The most obvious one is Butcherblock Docks, due to how many zones it can link to. Head there and find Almar Shi'iz at 712.64, 24.00, 604.00
  2. Now we must find an isolated town. Given that this quest is for level 25 people, the most obvious answer would be The Village of Thundermist in The Thundering Steppes. Go there and head towards 590.21, 1.86, -150.75 . Inside the building you will find Allelia Halkreeb.
  3. The next person to find is someone who may have changed their identity and given up their beliefs for something else. Your journal tells you to go to Antonica, but this is a little vague to say the least. Head to South Qeynos gate and then towards 337.24, -19.77, 356.74 . Look for a wandering NPC called Curys Kasin and hail him.

He was the final person to find, and also passed on some interesting information. It seems there are other possible followers of Anashti Sul within Antonica. He tells you to release her messengers so the word can be spread near Qeynos. The graves can be found in the following locations:

  1. Under the Tower of Vhalen ( -1289.36, -15.88, 74.87 )
  2. Near the highwaymen ( -1800, 10, 283 )
  3. South East of Frontier Farm/Sayer's Outfitters ( -958.31, -7.93, 426.34 )
  4. North-ish of Frontier Farm/Sayer's Outfitters ( -645.91, 11.56, 23.53 )

A group of Qeynos Gravewatchers will spawn and attack whenever you unearth a grave. You need to kill these, then hail the newly-risen Zombie. Once this is done, return to Plumetor Dul'Sadma to complete the quest and receive your reward: Humble Altar of Anashti Sul

Anashti Sul
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