Aggressive Advertising in Freeport  

CategoryWorld Event
Level100 (Scales)
Related Zone:
Related Items:
stack of Freeport Heroes' Festival band fliers
Choice Of:
Firework: Prismatic Burst
Firework: Confetti Shower
Firework: Rainbow Ring

This quest is repeatable with a two-hour cooldown. It can only be completed a maximum of 20 times.

Speak to Swynend Sithtenius at 91, -20, 70 near Execution Plaza in West Freeport.

  1. Hand out ten band fliers to passing heroes in Freeport.
    • Use the fliers in your inventory and give them to 10 different players (either hotkey them or right-click from inventory). You can do this in any zone.
  2. Once you've handed out all 10 return to Swynend in West Freeport.


The choice between:

Freeport Band Aid Heroes' Festival
Quest Series
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Heroes' Festival
Occurs annually to celebrate the anniversary of EverQuest II.
(Introduced in 2010)

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