If I Had A Hammer (Freeport)  

You must first complete Tutorial: Learning to Harvest before you will be offered this quest.

Started By

This quest is given by the one of the NPCs listed below depending upon your alignment.

  • Gorowyn: Speak to Graem Vorbent near the Gorowyn Beach Griffon Station in Timorous Deep ( 2313, 37, 1012 )
  • Freeport: Speak to Fangtarn in The Ruins ( -106, -2, 88 )
  • Kelethin: Speak to Grull Silverstump at The Nursery in Greater Faydark ( -118, -46, -805 )
  • Neriak: Speak to Dalvos D'Nar at Hate's Envy in Darklight Wood ( -429, -63, 266 )
  • New Halas: Speak to Bull the Crafty at Pilgrims' Landing in Frostfang Sea ( -308, 40, -776 )
  • Qeynos: Speak to Henk Newfield in Oakmyst Forest ( 991, 2, -349 )


  1. There is a table or crate next to the quest giver. Click the fluttering paper on it to receive Recipe: Lucky Wolf Paw Charm. Right-click it in your inventory to scribe it.
  2. Now click the sack of coal at the same location for another quest update, then go harvest yourself a tin cluster and a lead cluster (if you kept the harvestables from Tutorial: Learning to Harvest, you will already have them).
  3. Once you have those, click the Mender's Anvil and make the Lucky Wolf Paw.
  4. Speak with the quest giver to update the quest again.
  5. Find the tradeskill trainer in your home city.

Your tradeskill tutor will now offer you the tutorial crafter series.

Tutorial: Learning to Harvest Tradeskill Tutorials
Quest Series
Tutorial: Forging Ahead
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Game Update #64
Qeynos Rises
July 24, 2012
the Qeynos locations for this quest are still valid after GU64.

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