The Coalition of Tradesfolke  

Leader: Trade Commissioner Lasarian Nasin

Location: West Freeport

Motto: "Everyone and everything has its price."

The Coalition of Tradesfolke is the official governing body of all trade activity within the territory of Freeport. Although not a true part of the government, they are charged with the task of trade organization. The Coalition maintains an absolute monopoly on the regional trade market, and is thus a major force in the trade world.

Since Freeport is the trade hub of the world, thanks to its robust shipping lanes and major continental highways, the Coalition is a force to be reckoned with in the global economy. The Coalition also manages all trade activity of Freeport. They are charged with taxing the populace and even enforcing the taxes in any way they see fit.

Any great civilization is not built in a day. Look at how long we have survived and prospered, through the adversity of time and place. And yet, we are more than a city of might and brawn. The skills of our artisans and tradesfolk provide us with improved weaponry and armor as well as other vital products. -- Trade Commissioner Lasarian Nasin, Freeport Coaltion of Tradesfolke

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