Hit 'Em Where It Hurts  

Only evil aligned players may do this quest series. If you are good aligned, begin with the quest Introduction to the Ravens.

Speak to Commissioner Varla Z'Velran at -61,139,274 in Frostfang Sea to begin this quest.

Varla is going to teach New Halas a final lesson and you're going to help.

  1. Craft two more Kegs of Explosive Powder on the Chemistry Table, which can be found at -364,177,-50 in Ravens' Roost. To craft both of the items, you will need:
  2. Place the explosives behind the Cairn of the Huntress
    • Click on the green shiny just behind the statue at 46,150,-45
  3. Speak to Varla around 2,0,7 inside the Temporary Holding Cell

After completing this quest, Commissioner Varla Z'Velran becomes a recipe merchant who will sell you the appropriate Tier 2 advanced books. If you choose to not purchase her books while in the holding cell, you can find her in Neriak, City of Hate at -159,-5,254 . You can also pick up the Ironforge Exchange Basic Recipes from the table next to Envoy Tami Swifthammer in New Halas by clicking on the book at 62,153,-130 .

Varla suggests that you get the heck out of New Halas by venturing over to Butcherblock Mountains. While she does not directly give you a quest to take you there, crafters who are Tradeskill level 20 or higher can speak with Cordelia Galeston to begin the Butcherblock Tradeskill series.


  • +250 faction with your tradeskill society
  • Choice of one T2 rare harvest

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