Advanced Journeyman Tasks  

This is the Tier 6 tradeskill quest for all artisan classes.

Quest Walkthrough

The grandmaster wants you to seek a missing trading liaison who may need help. You'll be doing a lot of crafting in this one, you may find the crafting stations in Maj'Dul at the Golden Scepter more convenient than running to your home town. Portable crafting stations have also been recommended.

  1. Look around The Sinking Sands for the trade liaison. The areas near the beaches are probably a good place to start.
    • Find Vanesta Leaftraveller very sick in the Sinking Sands at -1157, -212, -273 .
  2. Vanesta gives you Emergency Shelter for Dummies. Take pity on her - scribe it and make her a tent so she can get out of the sun.
  3. The poor girl's really miserable, so check the traders and merchants nearby to see if they have a cure for her.
  4. You are now gonna run in circles making recipes one at a time for poor, pathetic Vanesta. WARNING: There is no shortcut, you must create the recipes in the order the quest gives you. All the recipes use the auto-leveling "alt-arts".
  5. You've learned your lesson, go tell the Grandmaster about it.

Shopping List

Advanced Alchemist Service
Advanced Jeweler Service
Advanced Sage Service
Advanced Carpenter Service
Advanced Provisioner Service
Advanced Tailor Service
Advanced Weaponsmith Service
Advanced Armorer Service
Advanced Woodworker Service
Tradeskill Society
Quest Series
Senior Crafter Service
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