Market Shortages  

Only evil aligned players may do this quest series. If you are good aligned, begin with the quest Introduction to the Ravens.

Speak to Commissioner Varla Z'Velran at -61,139,274 in Frostfang Sea to begin this quest.

Varla is wondering why New Halas hasn't come crawling for her wares yet. She asks that you go speed up the destruction of their wool.

  1. Scribe the recipe that Varla gives you titled Working With Acids (uses Thaumaturgy skill)
    • NOTE: The bankers in New Halas will not speak to you. The closest banker (without zoning) is Deird MacAlister at 650,32,-323 in The Great Shelf. Speak to Corva Eiskairn in Ravens' Roost if you need fuel.
  2. Craft one vial of acid on the Chemistry Table, which can be found at -365,177,-49 in Ravens' Roost. To craft the item, you will need:
  3. Damage the rolls of fabric in Erronson's Furs and Leathers (this part must be done in order)
    • First roll: 64,153,-125
    • Second roll: 61,153,-125
    • Third roll: 55,153,-122
    • Fourth roll: 55,153,-131
    • Fifth roll: 53,153,-131 (top roll)
    • Sixth roll: 53,153,-131 (second roll)
    • Seventh roll: 53,153,-131 (third roll)
    • Eighth roll: 53,153,-131 (bottom roll)
  4. Return to Varla


  • +250 faction with your tradeskill society
  • Choice of one T2 rare harvest

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