The Dark Bargainers  

  • Leader: Acquisitions Expert Mraena D'Aryth
  • Location: Neriak

The Dark Bargainers are the trade society of the dark elves (teir'dal). They are a very religious society and offer a portion of their profits to the temple of Innoruuk. They also set aside a portion of each week in honor of their god of hate, at which time they close their shops and meditate. Dark Bargainers are friendly towards any dark elf, but have little to do with other races.

"There are no races more skilled in the ancient crafting arts than the Teir'dal, and no gods more deserving of our dedication than Innoruuk. All others are inferior, and therefore it is not only our duty, but also our pleasure, to take full advantage of the opportunities they present." -- Acquisitions Expert Mraena D'Aryth

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