Tradesman Service  

This is the Tier 4 Artisan Quest. The reward is your choice of one Tier Advanced book for your class. Journeyman Service is a prerequisite.

  1. See the "Trades Coordinator" for your city tradeskill society:
  2. You need to:
    • Harvest 10 samples of Briarwood from Zek
    • Harvest 10 samples of Briarwood from the Enchanted Lands
  3. Return to your Grandmaster who sends you to:
    • Test the Briarwood on the Chemistry table with the recipe you were given.

The reward is your choice of T4 Advanced books for your class and as of GU 44 a cloak of your profession. If you completed this quest before GU 44, you are able to purchase a class cloak from the Grandmaster:

Thanks to Nifnif, Crimson Guards, Lucan D'Lere server for the cloak information.

Journeyman Service Tradeskill Society
Quest Series
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Advanced Carpenter Service
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Advanced Tailor Service
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