Tunare's Pages  

  • Leader: Master Liaison Aeble Ashberry
  • Location: Kelethin, in the Greater Faydark

The tradeskill faction of Kelethin is very much a democratic committee. Not inclined to hierarchy in any way, and not controlled by a hereditary family (like the Qeynos Ironforges) or a mafia-like iron grip (like Freeport's Coalition), Tunare's Pages is led by a committee of citizens whose talents and inclinations lead them to the crafts. The current committee leader is Aeble Ashberry, and the Ashberry family are often found involved in the artisan activity of Kelethin. However, there is no rigid hierarchy here and decisions are made by a small council of equals.

"Our enemies assaulted us with fire and blade, and without the talents of our artisans, the city would have been destroyed in the fires of Faydark and again during the second Rallosian war. That the city still stands and remains as strong and beautiful as ever is a testament to the skills of our tradesfolk and the strength of our citizens." -- Master Liaison Aeble Ashberry, Tunare's Pages

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