The Ironforge Exchange  

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  • Leader: Baron Kaedrin Ironforge
  • Location: North Qeynos

The Ironforge Exchange is comprised of all artisans and merchants who own shops within the City of Qeynos. This faction owns the city's great bazaars, and all vendors who use them must pay a tax used for their upkeep. The trade masters of the port district and the farmlands report to the leader of the Ironforge Exchange.

The merchants of Qeynos are always quick to lend a helping hand with any task that benefits Qeynos or its people. They often compromise with the other factions of Qeynos, and will sometimes even make decisions that result in a financial loss if it benefits the greater good. No amount of profit is worth more than the prosperity of all Antonicans. They are an integral part of the rebuilding of Qeynos, and the work orders they commission from local artisans go to outfit the Qeynos guards, citizens, and aid in the rebuilding efforts.

"Qeynos has rebuilt itself countless times over the ages. The constant thread that weaves its way through our city is the quality of the goods produced and the services provided by our own residents. We all have the skills and talents to share with the community. The Qeynos Ironforge Exchange gives our creativity an outlet that is not only good for our artistic nature, but for the city as well." -- Baron Kaedrin Ironforge, Qeynos Ironforge Exchange

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