Advanced Weaponsmith Service  

This is the Tier 5 Weaponsmith Tradeskill Society Quest.

The Grandmaster has asked me to travel out to the shattered lands and bring supplies to a number of the society's surveyor contacts. I am also to collect their latest reports while I'm there, and bring them back.

  1. Create the three items the Grandmaster asks of you.
    • 4 Pristine Forged Fulginate Short Swords
    • 4 Pristine Forged Fulginate Long Swords
    • 4 Pristine Forged Fulginate Falchions
  2. Bring the supplies to the surveyors, and get their reports:
    • The first surveyor is in Feerrott, near the wizard spires: the name is Keevan Fastmarch, Resource Surveyor, location: -125.36,13.72,179.38 .
    • The second surveyor is to be found in Everfrost, near the pioneer camp to the north: the name is Fiderik Nalot, Resource Surveyor, location: 217.79,-19.37,51.36 .
    • The third surveyor is to be found in Lavastorm, checking mineral samples on the beach: the name is Thullekla Dy'xin, Resource Surveyor, location: -221.89,-128.85,505.45 .
  3. Return the reports to the Grandmaster for your reward.

Note: you need to keep the weapons you made in your inventory, they will be removed at each update on the surveyors.

Quest Reward: +750 status with the tradeskill society and your choice of one Tier 5 advanced book appropriate to your class.

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