Journeyman Service  

This is the Tier 3 Artisan Quest. The reward is your choice of one Tier Advanced book for your class.

  1. See the "Trades Coordinator" for your city tradeskill society:
  2. You are asked to provide the results of fifty harvests from Thundering Steppes for the journeyman crafters of your society. Please note that's fifty harvests, not fifty items. You will get to keep the raws after this step.
    • Journey to the appropriate zone and harvest 50 times, any nodes will do, and return to the NPC.
  3. You are then asked to help fill some orders the society is behind in from a list, which appears in your quest journal. Make your choice of the following:
  4. Return to the NPC and select your choice of one of the Tier 3 Advanced recipe books for your class (Provisioners get some advanced recipes using imbuing thingies just for this quest). Pick carefully, this quest is not repeatable.

It's worth noting that the level 28 and 29 Advanced books seem to be scarce on most servers.

Completing this quest also unlocks a class cloak for purchase from your Grandmaster.

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