Ending the Revolution  

Level100 (Scales)
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Matthias Siegemaker in the Temple of War in North Freeport wants you to put a stop to the Qeynosian rebellion inside Freeport.

  1. Travel to Antonica and locate the stronghold. ( -2337, 8, -69 )
    • The Squire's Hold is a special instance of The Shattered Vale, north of Stormhold in Antonica.
    • Mercenaries cannot enter this zone and will be temporarily suspended while inside.
    • While there are several named squires in this zone, they are not worth AA xp--only your target, Shay, is.
  2. Kill Shay Tivati within the vale. She is found inside the broken druid rings.
    • There are five stages to this fight. The first four times you take her close to death, she will summon an elemental (earth, air, fire and water respectively).
    • Between each elemental and her attacking again you will have about 3 ticks to regen.
    • The final stage she will state that she imbues herself with the powers of the elements. Defeat her for your update.
  3. Return to Matthias in North Freeport.

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