The Sundered Frontier  

Level78 - 86
ExpansionSentinel's Fate

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Flight Paths and POIs
Flight Paths and POIs
The first zone adventurers will encounter in Sentiel's Fate, it is designed for adventurers level 80-85. There are over 150 new quests to do while exploring this rich and beautiful zone. Odus has a long, colorful history. The Erudites from the City of Erudin and the City of Paineel were at odds long before the breaking. Add to that the Kejak and the mysterious Hua Mein, long thought to be extinct.

To get to The Sundered Frontier, use any Ulteran Spire. The Ship's Bell system will not get you there.


  • Druid Ring Location: 988.60, -49.60, 3, 377.99 , In Toxxulia Forest.
  • Evac Point: Just outside of Paineel Commons in The City of Paineel.

To get to the Stonebrunt Highlands (Once you have permission to use the teleporters):

  1. Teleport from The City of Paineel to "Launch Pad". This will place you on a small island just outside the city with a teleporter and a landing (flight station).
  2. Ask the temporal guide to transport you to the Toxxulia Forest landing.
  3. There you will find 2 guides, one in white (In-Zone Flight) and one in black (Interzone Flight}. Ask the one in the black robe to send you to The Stonebrunt Highlands.



The Hole

Quests in all versions of The Hole are cataloged and explained in a single Quest Series page. See The Hole.

Toxxulia's Mound

Leads you into an Epic x4 zone, Lair of the Dragon Queen. If you scream real loud and cry like a baby she may laugh so hard she will let you go.

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