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Felice now thinks it is time that you establish yourself with the Craftkeepers within Paineel.
This entails you to do a variety of sub-quests for them.

  1. Speak to Or'Iku of the Craftkeepers
  2. Complete an extended series of subquests in service to the Craftkeepers, starting with Native Knowledge.
  3. Once you have completed the quest News From Above, return to Or'Iku to update this quest.
  4. Return to Felice Adae on Great Spire Island.


  1. Native Knowledge - Or'Iku in the Mercantile Court
  2. Adeela in the Mercantile Court
    1. Errand for the Craftkeepers
    2. Aaliya in the Hall of Wizardry
      1. Tranquil Assistance
    3. Errand for the Craftkeepers, part 2
    4. Safa in the Hall of the Fell Blade
      1. Knightly Assistance
    5. Errand for the Craftkeepers, part 3
    6. Sumit in the Hall of Necromancy
      1. Seeking Assistance
      2. Seeking Answers
    7. Orders from Above
    8. Errand for the Craftkeepers, part 4
    9. Aysha at the Eye of Dartain
      1. Replenishing the Observers
      2. News from Above

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