Honoring the Ancestors  

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Related Items:
bamboo shoot
sumac lumber
Faction Changes:

  1. Gather 5 of either sumac lumber or bamboo shoots.
    • There are none in the valley, nor in Kejaan's Rill. The nearest would be in Toxxulia Forest around 143.71,166.56,3440.49
    • Having the harvests in your inventory upon accepting the quest will cause this step to auto-update.
  2. Burn an offering in the entrance to the Caves of the Great Tiger Spirit.
    • You will see a green sparkly as you enter the cave, at -404.63,280.50,3053.88
  3. Return to Yun Zi

This quest is the Saturday task for the Hua Mein Craftsmen's daily tradeskill missions, and can be repeated every Saturday.

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